How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

On January 4, 2010, in Wordpress, by entmind

Easy trick to embed YouTube and other video sharing site code into your WordPress Posts. More great blogging tips at The Friday Traffic Report at!

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0 Responses to How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

  1. DMDraos says:

    Great info. Simple, concise…perfect. :)

  2. nazyjohn says:


  3. tdarnold says:

    Thanks but doesnt work on some of the free blog services that are using wordpress. Do they have the ability to embed a video disabled?

  4. imagemearte says:

    I just made an wordpress plugin to embed flash and youtube. Twitter: @idealmind

  5. Kaede069 says:

    thanks!! u rock!

  6. nabejero says:

    Your vid was a great help, thank you! Nathalie

  7. ts404 says:

    Thanks, my video is working now. Much appreciated :)

  8. drlydiasosenko says:

    Thank you! worked in a second.

  9. LuckyCharms432 says:

    @MizClayton, yeah do you know how to do it with 2.8? I’m looking but I can’t see

  10. MizClayton says:

    This must be a really old version of WordPress.

  11. xxxBibixxx says:


  12. killkiddo says:

    use the EMBED code from this site, post it in the HTML box not the VISUAL box

  13. bluecobalt27 says:

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore on the latest wordpress. I have tried inserting the embed code every which way and nothing ever shows up.

  14. jkagerer says:

    thanks! It worked for me.

  15. scepticalhumanbeing says:

    You rock! Thanks for this tip!

  16. pjay3784 says:

    Still works man! but it’s a bit different now.

  17. Marketing101withDave says:

    thanks bud that worked

  18. justjayarrsteiner says:

    ive been trying to imbed a video from vimeo for ever now and i cant figure it out…

  19. BrianFactors says:

    This doesn’t work anymore, at least.

  20. indiefjant says:

    This is a very old method. In the new WordPress, just click the HTML tab on the post edit page and paste it there, then go back to Visual.

  21. GR5GTT says:

    Thanks, that’s great

  22. FFMarathon says:

    wow… that was easy. Thank you!

  23. cherylmacn says:

    thank you so much for showing this. I truly appreciate it and am grateful for your kindness in creating it and then sharing it.

  24. jerseygirl7969 says:

    Fantastic, thanks so much for such a simple solution which was so easily found in youtube but impossible to get a straight answer on in the wordpress forum. Cheers :)

  25. BruinEric says:

    Thanks. That solved my problem embedding a vid.

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