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Web Hosting Service is a form of Internet hosting service, which permits organizations and individuals to offer their own websites that are accessible through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the firms that furnish space on the server owned by them, for the usage of both the clients and also, for providing better connectivity on the internet as in case of a data center. Additionally, web hosts could provide connectivity and data center space to the internet for servers not owned by them to be placed in the data center. This is called as “colocation”.

Web Hosting Service Scope:

Web hosting services scope may vary widely. Small-scale file hosting and webpage are the most basic scopes where the files could be uploaded through a web interface or a file transfer protocol. These are usually delivered with little processing to the Web. Most internet service providers extend this service free of cost to the subscribers. They can also obtain hosting of web pages from alternative providers of service. Typically, personal web site hosting is cheap and advertisement-sponsored are free but very often, business web site hosting has a higher expenditure.

Generally, single page hosting is adequate for personal web pages. A more comprehensive package is provided by a complex site providing application development platforms such as ASP.Net, Java, PHP and database support. Such facilities permit the customers to install or write the scripts for applications such as content management and forums.

An interface control panel may also be provided by the host for installing scripts such as e-mail and for managing the web server.

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