Before starting to search for a web host its important to decide whether to opt for dedicated web hosting or shared web hosting.

A shared web hosting account is an account on a web server that hosts other shared accounts. The number of accounts on one shared server can vary widely from few hundred to several thousands. For many small businesses hosting website on a shared server is a workable solution due to the fact that they are quite cheap in comparison to dedicated servers. These accounts have limited access to the core administrative functions of the server. In shared hosting plans, there are several companies offering comprehensive technical support for users along with the complete technical support, which is usually included in the price of account plan they offer.

As against shared hosting, a dedicated server is usually dedicated to one, or just a few websites, usually for the solitary use by individual company only. Dedicated servers are quite expensive as compared to shared hosting. Among various good features offered by dedicated server, one feature is to have access to the core administrative functions of the server not only this most dedicated server plans offers good technical support. There are some companies which don’t have an IT staff or a server administrator to provide support, for them many dedicated hosting companies offer “per issue” support, which means that user is required to pay a certain amount, which is usually an hourly fee, for technical support issues. Not only that some dedicated server plans have optional “support tickets” that one can purchase in advance.

Apart from above discussed two there is another option called a “managed dedicated” hosting plan. With this one can get a dedicated server and the required comprehensive support, which usually comes with shared hosting. Thus it evades the drawback of insufficiency of IT staff or a server administrator and provides all the technical aspects required for running a server. For this extra facility they charge extra price thus managed dedicated hosting plan is expensive in comparison to unmanaged one.

Thus all above can be summarized as whatever type of web hosting plan one choose, one must make sure that the plan is having all the required features.

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