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A carrier hotel or a collocation center is a form of data center, wherein multiple customers locate storage gear, server and local network and then, interlink them to a variety of other network service providers and telecommunications with a minimum of complexity and cost. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the advantages of collocating the mission-critical equipment within the data centre. As a result of using shared data centre infrastructure, collocation is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Typically, substantial scale benefits lead to large facilities for collocation, in the range of 4500 to 9500 square meters. With the communication and IT facilities in secure and safe hands, ASP, content providers, enterprises and internet get to enjoy lesser latency and more freedom for focusing on the core business.

More about Colocation Web Hosting:

Major forms of collocation firms are telecommunication companies, who utilize such facilities in order to interchange the traffic with other telecom companies. Also included are major enterprises who utilize the facility for business continuity, offsite data backup and disaster avoidance. Besides, web commerce firms utilize such facilities for redundant and cost-effective internet connections and a safe environment.

Most centers of collocation have high physical security levels. They may either be secured with closed-circuit television camera or may be guarded 24 x 7.

There are some collocation facilities, which permit the employees to escort customers, especially if there are no cabinets or individual locked cages for every customer. There are some collocation facilities in which, it is required that employees escort their customers.

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