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For a user it doesn’t matter that in what way and at which place he/she should host the web site but the whole marketing strategy will get affected when user’s site suffers from downtime. Since, several years there are people using almost a dozen different web hosts providers. By that time, if one talks about really good ones which are virtually hassle-free, then they are just one or two and who charges good amount of fees.

One cannot deny the fact that web hosting costs have declined remarkably in past few years, still one should not measure a hosting service only on the basis of price. It may probably happens that service provider demanding high charges can also be the reason of user’s loses of several dollars in the business.

While exploring a reliable host user should give preference to quality in front of cost. Only paying excessive amount is not the criteria, rather user should find a host through whom he/she can enjoy several features without much hassle.

Technical assistance:

An ideal hosting company provides 24/7 tech support to their clients. User should ensure that company should not only have an email support but also phone support, so that in case of an emergency one can directly contact a representative to tackle down his/her problem.

Period of Down Time:

Every hosting provider will claim one or the other form of uptime guarantee. One should carefully analyze the written material on the small print in order to fully understand their actual assurance. There are certain chances that the assurance provided was only for the website but not for the email services.

One can find several hosting providers in the market claiming for a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Which denotes that they are assuring downtime will be not more than 45 minutes each month. Certainly, if the user is involved in a big business such a small spare of time can be critical and can be quite enough to damage the whole business operations.

The user will certainly get some compensation if the hosting provider fails to meet the assured up time, but it will be not quite enough for the user to fulfill the damage occurred due to lose of traffic and even in the business. If the user is suffering from down time more then one’s a year then he/she should look for another host providing adequate service.

Server Load Monitoring:

One should verify that his/her host should bear the feature of handling the server load that user’s site will produce. Particularly, when user’s site will catch a large amount of traffic while dealing with majority of host’s, it is at that time that user will receive a restrictive amount of bandwidth only. If he/she exceeds it may needs to be compensate with extra amount of money.

Hence, one should have full knowledge of bandwidth allocation. So that, nothing undesirable should not happen while user was enjoying a large amount of traffic.

Secure Server:

Secure server can be very useful for the users who do not want their credit card details or storing personal data to be disclosed to anybody. This is because protection is a demanding aspect for every internet shopper.

There are few of the hosts who navigate their clients to the secure portion of their server and due to this URL will actually change making site inaccessible to the visitors. The drawback of this is that several web sites place their online store on such a secure area which will remove user’s potential web pages making it away from the potential search engine rankings.

To avoid all these problems one can secure an area in his/her own site, which the user can do through buying a secure certificate for his/her domain name. This is later “installed” by the web host providing infinite secure areas in his/her site with own domain. One can consider it as a remedy of professional level getting rid of all sorts of troubles.

In-House Hosting:

There are several companies which are the web hosting providers altogether in favor of hosting their sites on their own in-house servers. Thus, one can get few benefits of doing this but one should go for this if he/she possesses a full-time IT person who is specialized in web server management.

One can promote site accessibility through In-house hosting. The capability by which visitors can access to the site and can download material from it highly rely on user’s local ISP and the connection efficiency. Still connectivity with broadband DSL or cable, cannot provide adequate speed as required. It will raise the time taking for the download and adversely affect the efficiency of site if there is a huge amount of traffic.

There is no assurance of uptime while dealing with In-house hosting and in some way also lag behind in adequate technical support.

However it doesn’t matter whether user’s server is suffering from downtime, or there is no Internet access, or scarcity of power, one’s site will remain inaccessible to the visitors.

Thus at last one can conclude that there are several pros and cons of every hosting need.

What can be the suitable one is up to the choice of the user.

Varieties are spread out….go and search out.

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