Web Hosting:

What to do:

One should trace the following tips to end the search on a dependable host:


Going through the reviews and through investigation about the concern host can assist a lot. Questions like, what is the experience in the sector? Where is Data center location? What is the Customer and employee strength? All these questions need satisfactory answers.

Contact Support:

One should estimate the response time by asking few easy questions before dealing to a concern host.

Knowledge about own necessities:

User should concern about both sides of the coins. Does he/she require ample amount of space and bandwidth or not. If reply is NO! One should not waste valuable money on it. If the reply is YES! One should heir a host from whom one can purchase enough space to handle the required traffic.

Good Backup Plan: is must

An important factor to consider by the user is for the backup plan. Several hosts lag behind in this sector. They even don’t provide, if provide it could be weeks or even months old. Good backups can prevent user from frequent downtimes and data loss. If one’s host is unable to fulfill this criterion, one should look for another alternative.

Web Hosting:

What not to do:

Following mistakes can adversely affect user’s strategies:

Do not measure On Price basis:

Only price cannot be absolute criteria to get a dependable host. Cheap hosting providers can also be useful if one can explore the right one. One cannot deny the fact that; high price can provide good service. For that, one should remain ready to pay, at least .50 cents for every gigabyte of bandwidth for average reliability and three or rather four times that if one desires supreme quality hosting.

Purchasing Hosting from an Auction Site:

It is not like that one cannot search ideal hosting from an auction site, but there is rare chance of coin to lie on positive side. It happens usually when the company does not even operate a web site to market their services.

Trusting Customer Testimonials:

Several testimonials are unreliable. Often the host in the testimonials displays the contact information and those lists are quite trustworthy as well but one should not rely on them fully.

Free Domain with Hosting

It is advisable to keep one’s domain separate from his/her hosting company. There are several hosts offering free domains with their hosting plans. As long as user is having registered domain, this procedure is fine. If the provider registers to his/her name and only lets user “borrow” it, then the user will always face the risk of holding his/her own domain hostage. So one should always think properly before taking any step.

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