It is a matter of fact that if user has decided to use cheap web hosting then he/she should know about his/her actual requirement of disk space in advance. User should have actual knowledge of area of website, no. of pages, video files, music files, etc. required by the user. Next, the cheap hosting company to which the user is dealing with should possess the knowledge of the correct demand of the site. If user is having immense amount of visitors, then cheap web hosting may not be the actual choice. Next point depicts the quantity of email accounts required by the user. Cheap hosting companies are not much lenient in this facility. At the end, the user should know the actual amount he/she can spend from the pocket. Hosting companies providing service at the cheaper rate are not much technically fluent in comparison to expensive hosting.

One can easily locate the list related to top 10 cheap hosting providing companies on the website. They are ranked according to their price, quality, and service satisfaction. Such companies are priced in the range of $4.95 to $19.95 per month. The cost of their service can change according to user’s expectations and requirements. In such services available disk space can be in the range between 3000MB to 5000MB. The variety of bandwidth can be from a small quantity of 40GB to an extremely immense quantity of 300GB. If this available option is not sufficient for the user then he/she should look for an alternative choice rather then low cost hosting. The majority of low cost web hosts put forward free set up. This will make the route quite smoother for the user. One should be very careful while dealing with a low cost host, providing unlimited disk space because in several cases the real output and promised output are quite different.

One cannot deny the fact that still there are large segment of people who are not much convinced with the cheap web hosting, they can find the alternative of free web hosting. It still deals with a price, however. In the market there are several companies offering free web hosting to any user who subscribes to their particular internet service. The user may still need to pay for the internet service, but the hosting service provided by the company is absolutely free. This is the best possible limit to be reached in case of cheap web hosting.

So, user should consider all the available alternatives and should choose which thought to be the ideal one.

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