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One of the best webmaster tools available for free on the web is certainly provided by Google. Google provides many fantastic tools of which most webmasters are unaware. Worse still, some webmasters realize the tools exist but haven’t investigated them. The ones who don’t make the most of these Google webmaster tools are at a considerable disadvantage to those who do use them. The first step is to register for an account with Google. Once you’ve done that you need to open one of their Adwords accounts. You’ll need the Adwords account in order to access the most powerful Google tools, so you should open one even if you don’t foresee that you’ll need to place any Adwords advertisements.

Whatever your internet business, it is critical that you understand how to do keyword research. Effective marketing requires close attention to this basic aspect of online business, but fortunately Google offers a free service to assist you. Their free keyword suggestion tool will assist your research greatly. You can locate this tool by using “Google keyword suggestion” as your search term in the Google text box, and then following the link in the first of the search results. Using this tool can reduce struggling with your business.

The next very powerful tool is their site analytics software. You need an Adwords account for this one, but it is an amazing tool that tracks visitors to your site. This tool allows you see a wealth of data about how they found you and whether they are converting to customers and/or leads on your site. Similar software costs hundreds of dollars and is not nearly as user friendly and powerful. Using this software is an absolute must for any serious webmaster.

The last software we address, but by no means the least important, is the suite of webmaster tools. These tools give you up-to-date information on any problems with your pages, the number of pages contained in your index, and a detailed compilation of every page on the internet that links to your pages. This list can help you establish why your page ranks well or poorly for search terms that you think are appropriate to your company. This fairly new addition to Google’s software offerings is probably the most important software that google has ever released. It has been highly effective and I recommend it very strongly.

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A recent Pagerank jiggle seemed to indicate that something interesting was happening. Could Google be using its Pagerank system to prevent low-quality sites getting free traffic?

Several of my own observations indicated that low-value Pagerank links may decay over time.

One webmaster reported a jump from Pagerank zero to Pagerank five, purely from a recent link-building campaign. During his link building efforts, he got a few links from a Pagerank 6 blog, and he expected those links “to fade as new posts come out”.

The way that blogs work is that new posts appear on the homepage which is usually the highest ranked page on the blog. Over time, those blog posts move off the homepage and into the archives, where they usually have less Pagerank.

What if the whole web worked in the same way? If new links were counted “in full”, but over time the Pagerank of the links “faded”?

If that were the case, a site that was receiving lots of traffic, but which stopped getting links would eventually lose its traffic. That’s what I experienced with one of my own websites which was chugging along at 2,000 visitors per day. After the PageRank jiggle, the traffic dropped.

Another indication of Pagerank decay came from an SEO expert who wrote that “You need fresh links today, and in the future”.

Are you starting to see a pattern? Pagerank from older blog posts fades, a site that didn’t get any recent links experienced falling traffic, and an SEO expert saying you need continual fresh links.

Here’s my Pagerank Decay theory…

1: Google loves quality sites.
2: Quality sites get links naturally over time.
3: Low value links decay over time.

“PageRank Decay” would benefit Google, because if a site only gets low-quality links, and the PageRank of those links decays over time, the webmaster either has to continually build more links, or give up.

Webmasters who try to manipulate Google will most likely be getting low-quality links. If they spend time building links, they’ll get traffic, but only for a while unless other sites start linking to them naturally. If they don’t get any new links for a while, their traffic will fall.

On the other hand, if a webmaster builds a quality website that other webmasters choose to link to, the site will maintain, or even improve, its search engine rankings naturally.

It’s possible that Google only applies Pagerank decay to low-value Pagerank links. Presumably, the age of a link from a top-quality website wouldn’t affect its value. Anyone who had a site good enough to get a link from a Pagerank 8 or higher website wouldn’t see the value of that link dwindle to nothing in over time. Sites with PageRank 8 or higher would thereby form a “backbone” of quality, trusted sites from which PageRank would flow to lesser sites.

The bottom line is that, if you accept PageRank Decay exists then anyone who works really hard to build “low value” links into their sites will have to keep working hard just to maintain their traffic.

PageRank Decay is like a hamster wheel for webmasters who build sites that don’t get natural links.

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It has always been a dream to a freelancer to get a desired project, paying good bucks similarly on the other hand many businesses want their projects to be completed without appointing highly paid employees. These kind of platforms are  perfect market place for freelancers and webmasters.



Online Freelance market place is a platform for Freelancers & Webmasters, Webmasters  post projects and select qualified freelancers at the price they want. Freelancer post their resume, skills and bid on projects what webmasters post, in this way webmasters can go easy selecting a good freelancer. They both have to pay small commission to the market place, in return projects security and payment is secured for both the parties via escrow.


Freelancer can be anyone a Programmer, Content writer, Web designer, Web developer, an SEO and many more, in today professionals want to be more free and try their hands working individually that’s why they want to work freelance. Freelancers are also experienced and can work perfectly at the economical cost. Businesses are also look for freelancers to complete their projects to cut their project cost, in this way demand of qualified freelancers has been increasing every day. 


Webmasters/Project creators can be an individual, business or website who want to complete their projects like custom programming, web designing, web developing, seo, content writing, marketing research, data entry and lot more. What they want is to get those projects done in the quickest way without appointing highly paid employees. They choose freelancers who complete the projects remotely worldwide.


Freelances,  programers, web designers, content writer, web developers and all are get benefited from these type of platforms as they get desired projects. Freelancers are required to develop their skills and gain experience to get noticed by webmasters as they select freelancer those have skills, previous track record, programming skills etc.



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