A new project – Teez Nation

On August 31, 2009, in News, by entmind

I thought I’d start a new site, something light hearted and funny, so I started an all-purpose blog where I post funny pictures, anime manga and videos, everything I engage in when i wanna get away from work , so yea it’s kinda like my personal favourite’s blog. I love working on it because its everything I think is great to take your mind off of things and pass the time as well. Here is Teez Nation.

Teez Nation - Funny Stuff, Anime and Hip-Hop Pwnage!_1251774516788

I’m not really hoping to get any money while doing this but some traffic to it and appreciation would be nice though, I’m trying my best to get it fully indexed and so far, so good.

P.S Teez means “ass” in arabic, I thought it’d be funny to name a site like that.

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