The Four Secrets of Successful PPC Campaigns

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The attractive quality of SEM and in particular pay per click (=PPC) advertising is that the results are measurable. As a strategic marketer, I have never come across any sales or marketing tool which is so transparent and cost-effective. PPC campaigns allow you to see vital statistics on user behavior, text ads, keywords and much more. Best of all, however, is the fact that you can use PPC campaigns as “instant sales generators”: You can pause your campaign when sales are high or you can switch them on again when sales are low to get a new sales boost.

Secret 1: Have an online strategy in place before you start!

Prior to implementing your online strategy you should consider the following:

I. Define the purpose of your online marketing campaign

Some businesses use PPC purely as a “sales generator” tool, other businesses use it as a way to encourage new client leads and others simply for increased brand awareness.

II. Identify the medium and long term online strategy

It is important to have realistic medium and long term expectations. Bear in mind that online campaigns deliver improved results the longer you run them.

III. Set a realistic monthly budget

Always consider your budget relative to your product’s profit margin. PPC can have a massive effect on sales and lead generation, but

In our experience, we often find that very few businesses develop a strategy before they start their campaign. The alarmingly common approach of “let’s allocate some budget for 6 months and see what happens” is a recipe for disaster.

Particularly for the first weeks of your PPC campaign run time, it is imperative that you dedicate a significant amount of time to fine-tuning key words and text ads.

An alternative solution is to employ an agency and ask them for a trial PPC campaign in which the results are assessed after 4 weeks. If your agency cannot deliver results within the first 2-3 weeks, chances are that they are not allocating your budget to the right key words and text ads or did not consult you properly in the first place.

Secret 2: Prepare your website!

Statistics show that you have got exactly 6 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your site. If the visitor does not instantly find what he or she is looking for, your budget will not translate into business or leads.

It is critical for your website to have the following characteristics:

Enticing images- If you offer a service, pictures of happy people will give the impression of satisfied end users. If you are offering a product, make sure that your images are clear and represent your product in a true manner.

Good web copy– Remember that less is more when it comes to web copy. Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary text. Good web copy should fit in one frame.

Call to action phrases- Tell your visitors what you want them to do. Examples of good call to action phrases are: “Call now!”, “Buy today!”, “Contact us!”.

No scroll bars- Wherever possible, fit everything into one screen or frame. The more a user has to scroll, the more chance you have in loosing the visitor.

Site design in HTML – Flash websites might look great, but are a killer for any SEM campaign. You may incorporate some flash images to enhance your site’s look and feel, however keep your site predominately HTML.

Remember: Unless your site is ready, your traffic will not convert into sales or leads.

Secret 3: Start small – Choose one Search Engine only

Especially if you are dipping your toe into the pay per click pool for the first time, it is more than OK to start off small. In my experience, too many companies are confronted by the variety of choice between different PPC search engines and are tricked into thinking they need to be on all these so-called “networks” immediately. New online advertisers are often considering big players such as Google Ad Words and Yahoo! Search Marketing (Yahoo!7 and ninemsn), but also the smaller fish such as Sensis, Ask, MIVA and Mirago. Too many different campaigns (each of which are run according to different rules, different budgets and different funding) are too much to juggle for most first time online advertisers.

It is important to stay focused when deciding on your first search marketing network, and refer back to your online strategy to properly match your purpose to the correct network. I would always recommend trialing a campaign on Google due to its amount of market share (55%) and quality traffic. If your campaign performs well on Google, chances are it will also perform on other networks.

Walk before you can run. Test your campaign on one network first to get a feel for it, and when you feel more confident then consider branching out.

Secret 4: Trial and Assess the Results

After choosing the correct search engine network to implement your PPC campaign, embark on a simple three week trial campaign. The great thing about PPC is that you can pause it whenever you like, so you are not locked into any long term commitment after your designated ‘trial period’.

Once you have seen the campaign results for the first three weeks, you (or your online agency) should be able to identify trends for your particular business. For instance, you should be able to see which of your key words were most sought after, which words attracted most enquiries or led to sales, which “click-days” and “click times” were extremely popular and which companies you compete with.

Example: one of our clients in the beauty industry knew after their three week trial period that Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12noon and 4pm were extremely popular for them in regards to clicks and enquiries for their services. As a result, they shifted their entire media budget on these 2 days and now receive twice as many enquiries as they had gotten in previous weeks – with the same investment!

Whilst trends are important to analyze for both your medium- and long-term online strategy, you must also closely analyze the direct impact that the campaign has on your business. Your sales team (or whoever answers calls in your business) needs to be briefed before the campaign starts and should monitor where new business leads are coming from. Analysis of your new business enquiries and where they found out about you is important to accurately gauge the impact of a prolonged PPC campaign.

Use your trial campaign as an indication of what is to come. In my experience, PPC campaigns improve immensely over time and a feature of their success depends on the amount of time that is invested in their development.

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Soem Tips On Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

On December 31, 2009, in Entrepreneurs, by entmind

A successful entrepreneurial business has many parts but it always begins with the understanding of why you do such work. Aside from that, as an entrepreneur you should also understand the people you serve, their struggles, and the difference that your business will bring to their lives.

You also have to reach your clients in such a way as to make them fervent to do business with someone like you. The most important thing is to be able to manage your energy so that you can do your work effectively and earn great profits.

If you want profit to consistently flow to your business venture, here are the necessary steps that you need to take:

• You have to make it clear to everybody what you’re doing and why you are doing it. You should avoid mistakes as much as possible. Everything and everyone has a certain purpose. As an entrepreneur, you’re considered a “unique” individual. If you can clarify this to yourself, you will feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm. These things can attract prospective clients. Everything you do now is like a magnet that attracts energy.

• The next thing that you have to do in order to earn great profits is to establish your market. You should have an exact target for your products or services. You have to study the qualities of your customers so that you can make your own product or service stand out from your competitors.

• You should make use of every marketing material that you have to craft a significant message to your customers. You have to communicate with them honestly and authentically. Everything you do should be rooted in truthfulness and reliability. By doing this, you will attract more clients. With your energy, people will be drawn to you.

• Some entrepreneurs fail because of doubt and fear. They hesitate to take some risks involved in the business. They doubt their abilities and skills. This is a barrier that you should be able to knock down otherwise clients will shy away from you.

• The next thing is to organize your schedules. Prioritize… your business obligations and responsibilities should be done at the right time and at the right order. You have to manage your time effectively. If you can develop and master this skill, it will mean more clients and definitely, more money.

• You have to have the right system for your business so that you can also have time away from work and be able to generate new ideas for other business ventures. You must have a system for your business operations, marketing, and offerings.

• Change is the only thing permanent in this world. You have to adjust your business ideas according to these changes. Try to see if the products or services you offer are still in demand.

• Some entrepreneurs live only for their business. They often forget about achieving the proper balance between personal and business life. You have to establish specific strategies so that you can enjoy your success in all aspects of your life.

By following these steps, you will surely have a more successful business life and you can expect more money to come your way. Being an entrepreneur will surely give you more money that what you’ve ever imagined. Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Don’t forget to follow these quick steps.

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One has resolute to acquire a reseller web hosting account to resell web space. What can be probably the step? Well it’s given as under-

1. Prefer the policy which one wants to put in application.

More open source software programs are based on Linux and not for Windows, this factor which makes Linux quite cheaper. While the majority of programs (Perl, PHP, Flash, etc.) run on both stands, a little will process on only Windows or Linux. Requirement of a Windows platform is must for a site that requires ASP or MS Access.

2. Select the control panel one wants to bring into play.

Control panels for websites can be categorized from basic to advance. As a reseller, one would also have a control panel for him/her to manage and command the hosting accounts.

In selecting the Hosting Automation Software, several panels are compared possessing excellent features for web host resellers.

3. Pick the right host.

One must choose the web host company after taking into consideration all the aspects —. Factors to keep in mind when choosing a web host for a reseller account:

The platform and control panel

Account features

The company’s status — quest for online reviews by customers

The verification of server uptime

The level of support — the gap between the asked support and the support actually provided especially time-sensitive ones?

Elasticity — does the web host have packages that can uplift one in the period of scarcity? Will they modify their steps in the rigid circumstances?

How much experienced is the web host— while an innovative web host probably be very effective, many web-hosting businesses do not survive even for 12 months

Price-one should check what he/she is getting for the price quoted.

Now coming up to Reseller hosting

4. Set up of one’s own hosting strategy and fees

One should divide and should find out the ratio of bandwidth to disk space that one can put forward. Take into consideration any ratios that fluctuate due to difference in packages, and then one should base his/her packages on that ratio.

One should consider the prices prevailing in the market .However one should also take into account the additional facilities if provided by the host provider.

5. Build up a commercial site

One has three main alternatives for site development:

Crafting a website by putting in use an open website pattern

For crafting of site summon a designer or a design group.

If one is having good designing skills as well as techniques, then there is no harm for him/her to develop a site by his/her own.

There must be an ideal ethics in the information that clients deserve and want to know.

6. Build a site which is e-commerce geared up

To be in a condition of receiving payments for hosting accounts, one will have to set up:

An SSL permit

A trade account

An expense access

7. To set up a helpdesk

A helpdesk permits clients to remain in touch with their provider so as to get desired response of their queries.

8. To systemize billing

With automated billing system, it’s quite easy to register billing as well as to make payments to clients. There are several billing software licenses that are rated on monthly or yearly basis, Life span licenses are also given by some billing software companies at an offered amount.

Examples of some popular billing and payment processing systems:


Whois.Cart etc

When one chooses a billing software program, he/she must check if it’s friendly with his/her server platform and if support is integrated.

9. Generating a welcome email

One must send a welcome email to his/her client after setting up his/her own hosting accounts .The email should contain:

A confirmation of the plan details, name server names ,a username and temporary password ,a link to the control panel ,links to one’s own knowledge base / FAQ and to his/her own helpdesk etc.

10. Promoting a website

One must put forward his/her site to search engines. One must put his/her knowledge into the minds of his/her family, peers, and colleague’s .One should contain a link to it in one’s signature line in departing mails. However one must not stop here instead should promote his/her website through incoming links, marketing, newsletters, and unique offers.

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