Social Media appeared on the Internet in 2006 and has since grown to offer new online technologies to help people share their opinions and experiences with each other in the form of text, links, images, audio and video. It allows businesses to reach their target audience via a whole new channel. Social Media is worldwide and user-driven, which is both good news and bad news for companies as the user community can have enormous power over the reputation of a brand or a company.

There are many different optimisation techniques available to the Webmaster including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion rate Optimisation (CRO). Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is the most recent and looks at the social aspects of your website helping your business to interact better with your website visitors and customers. The Internet is continually changing and new technologies appear all the time.

SMO is about the strategies used to set up Social Media components on your website that allow your customers to interact and participate with you during their online experience. The whole point is to make your site more accessible to your visitors by allowing them to interact with your content via the following means.

Tagging and Bookmarking
The social web is all about sharing information and tagging your web pages allows people to easily bookmark your content by adding your web pages to their list of favourites on Explorer or one of the many social websites such as Digg, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube.

Create a Blog
A blog is simply a means of displaying content, one article after another on your website. This allows visitors to easily interact with your business and your services. A blog is easy to set up and is a great way to record daily events on your website.

RSS Feeds
Providing RSS Feeds for your services, products, blogs, etc allows users to know instantly what has changed on your website through the use of a Feed Reader. RSS Feeds help to get your content distributed across the web and is a simple way to tap into the Web 2.0 technology.

Discussion Forum
Forums allow your visitors to discuss and comment on your services and products. This can be of great benefit to companies, as monitoring the Forum will give you the chance to understand your customers and put you in a position to talk to your customers directly and in real time.

Online Videos and Images
Creating videos in the form of Podcasts can be a great way to communicate with your customers and bring life into website. Share your videos and pictures with popular social network sites for optimisation benefits such as YouTube.

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Social media optimization (SMO) is the next level online marketing tool. In order to let the world know about the products and services of your company, social media optimization is increasingly being used these days. The term, social media optimization, refers to an online marketing tool and platform that can be used for sharing information in the form of texts, images, audio and video.

Social Media Optimization has become the buzzword in the online marketing arena because of the adoption of modern day marketing trends and new marketing channels that it has opened. The concept behind using SMO is to implement changes to optimize a website through video or audio streaming. It also includes frequent postings on relevant blogs and social bookmarking sites all of which ultimately leads to improved search engine ranking.

For a social media optimization campaign to be highly effective necessary components required are:

• Inclusion in social networking websites
• Inclusion in social bookmarking websites
• Releasing Press Releases of search engine optimized content
• Websites where you can share your videos online
• Blogs and forums

LeadZoomer, an experienced digital marketing company helps to increase your brand awareness and handles your overall marketing requirements through our Social Media Optimization service. Keeping in mind our customer’s best interests, we craft affordable and customized social marketing campaigns through which we drive maximum traffic to our client’s website.

LeadZoomer’s team of experienced professionals develops attractive and media-rich content that will reach out to social networking communities and collect links back to your website. We work with online communities, networking groups, community websites and social media websites to run a social media optimization campaign for our clients in order to spread awareness about their company.

We understand that content with self promoting sections are not accepted, thus we emphasis on writing content that will not be banned. With our professional social media campaign we focus on the best features of your business and design the most optimal online marketing campaign for you.

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SMO- Basic Tenets Of Social Media Optimization

On January 4, 2010, in SMO, by entmind

While SEO and SEM represent the most popular avenues toward reaching a targeted audience, social media optimization (SMO) is gaining momentum. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and similar properties that form the springboard for communities of like-minded consumers have reached a tipping point. Once a novelty, they have quickly dominated popular media. In the process, they have become the focus of social media optimization.

One of the reasons social media optimization has gained significant traction with companies is because it provides a unique marketing channel. Rather than depending solely upon traffic generated from specific search queries on Google and Yahoo!, a site can be positioned to enjoy a grassroots – and often, viral – marketing momentum. But, this strategy is not without challenges. To that end, here are the four basic tenets for a savvy social media optimization (SMO) campaign.

Tenet #1: Encourage Community Links

Consumers are starved for compelling content. Blog posts, videos, white papers, and news feeds that inform or entertain (ideally both) are perfectly positioned to attract attention. Once such content is discovered, entire communities descend upon it and spread the word. As a result, a company’s exposure and link profile can expand rapidly. Community links are one of the underpinnings of an effective social media optimization campaign. As the members of a community spread the word, inbound links grow. And with it comes a growth in organic traffic.

Tenet #2: Leverage Tags And Bookmarks

When sharing content with others in their community, people will always gravitate toward the path of least resistance. In the context of social media optimization (SMO), leveraging tags and bookmarks from popular social networking sites is critical. There is no shortage of plugins and scripts that allow your audience to share your content with a single click. Whether “tweeting” to their thousands of Twitter followers or seeding your content on YouTube, Flickr, or Facebook, these tags and bookmarks can help trigger a groundswell of exposure.

Tenet #3: Identify The Best Opportunities

Not every social networking site offers the same potential for a social media optimization project. Some sites cater to a younger audience. Other sites cater to a professional audience. The key is to properly isolate the target community given a company’s product line. For example, a financial services company geared toward high net worth individuals would find limited success on MySpace. On the other hand, a social media optimization (SMO) campaign that targeted professional communities on LinkedIn might be more appropriate.

Tenet #4: Integrate Social Media Optimization

The advantages of a social media optimization project, while significant, often distract companies from leveraging SEO, SEM, and ORM. It’s important to realize that effective online promotion is a confluence of all strategies. Not only does each use a different route to increase a company’s exposure, traffic, and sales, but all blend seamlessly with one another. In effect, social media optimization (SMO) should be integrated as one of several best practices.

The basic tenets that we’ve provided above do not comprise an exhaustive list. Indeed, they merely form the foundation of a social media optimization project. When carefully crafted, SMO can be used to gain access to communities that would otherwise lie beyond the reach of traditional marketing strategies.

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