When it comes to selling things, the human tendency to package can make life easier. When you’re marketing yourself and trying to sign on new clients, you’ll want to take full advantage of aspect of human psychology. Bundle services together and suddenly a new client will be bringing you as much business as two or three clients in the past.

When it comes to buying things, packages are attractive because they seem to simplify the client’s life. If an insurance company offers me a package deal on car insurance, home owner’s insurance, and life insurance, suddenly I have so many fewer decisions to make-and I don’t have to deal with three different insurance agents. I might save some money, but even if I don’t, I save aggravation and time, and most people value their time as much as their money. Costco or BJ’s Club are good examples of packaging in the retail world, and the number of people that flock to these giant stores indicate the popularity of packaging. Fast food places have the value meal, which is a package of a sandwich, fries and a drink.

What is also important is to offer different packages, i.e. to give the client options. When I first started out, I offered piecemeal services at standard rates. Then I realized that clients work in a different way. Many people like options. They don’t want to be “forced” into taking something that doesn’t suit them. They want the option of small, medium and large. Going to the example I gave of the restaurant, they have a small value meal, medium or large.

”Small, medium, or large” doesn’t quite work for accounting services. The principle I use to distinguish between levels of service is this: the more accessibility to me and to my staff a package offers the client, the higher the fees. So while we can custom tailor the service package to fit their needs, nonetheless the services are packaged based on frequency.

In addition to packaging your services, you should consider cross-selling. Many years ago I learnt while attending a seminar by the legendary marketer Jay Abrahams that there are 3 ways to grow your practice:

1) Increase number of new clients
2) Increase the fees paid by each client
3) Increase the frequency of purchase or sell the same client more services

Cross selling is the way the CPA practitioner increases the frequency of purchase.

When you have a relationship with the client, you can offer them other services that will help the client. How does one go about finding out the services that your clients need? Not to oversimplify it, but really, the best way to find out is by asking. We recently conducted a survey and we called up most of my business clients to ask them how we were scoring and what else we could do that could help them. It’s really very instructive to hear the clients’ perspective on things. I have also found this to be one of the best ways to find out other services we should be providing.

Here’s a partial list of additional services to offer:

• Financial planning or wealth management services
• QuickBooks consulting – Outsourced accounting (A couple of years, we packaged our QuickBooks consulting services as either a 10-hour package or a 20-hour package, to be used in one year.)
• Audit protection
• Business consulting
• Business valuation services
• Payroll services
• Controllership services

Using this list as a starting point, talk to your clients and find out what services they need that you could offer. Specialize in what your target clients want, and you’re just about certain to grow your practice.

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Buying and selling websites has finally come to an age. Website action hub is a newly started website where webmasters are encouraged to sell or buy web property. The transactions can be done auction style or at fixed buy it now prices. Webmasters are also offered evaluation and appraisal services along with several other tools such as a server monitor tool.

Website auction hub offers a forum like environment where the transactions are conducted. This encourages users to discuss the bidding process, payment details, terms and conditions, and so on in a friendly conversation like environment. For safety reasons all these conversations are recorded and can be used to protect the buyers and sellers. Along with the escrow and website evaluation services offered, Website Auction Hub is an easy to use and safe environment for buying or selling a website.

The professional website appraisal service can be requested by buyers and sellers to get an idea of how much the site might be worth and to ensure others that the information stated is legitimate. Upon completion, the website owner will receive a seal with a starting price estimate that can be laced on their website, and official results will be posted on the WAH website for legitimacy.

Several automated website appraisal and web server monitoring tools are also available. These can be used to evaluate several assets of a website such as contents, revenue flow, SEO, with more to come. By homing in on a few vital details, these tolls will give users accurate estimates to what their websites might be worth. Webmasters will also have the opportunity to receive text messages and email alerts on their cell phones if their server goes down by using the server monitoring tool offered.

Eager webmasters will also find a resources directory filled with useful links to information on boosting their current websites value. The resources are divided into several categories such as SEO, Advertising and Affiliate Programs, Forums, Promotion and Marketing, Web Hosting, Tools and Software, and so on assuring easy navigation. These resources were hand picked by WAH to create a friendly one-stop-go place for webmasters.

With all these features combined, Website Auction Hub strives to offer a safe and easy to use environment for buying and selling of established or turn key websites at auction or buy it now prices. Armed with the WAH website appraisal tools, free expert advice, and resources directory webmasters will be ready to conquer the webestate market with ease.

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Sell Those Products With Yahoo Store Designer

On December 28, 2009, in Search Engines, by entmind

Around the Internet, up and coming business people are turning towards ecommerce websites to promote their products and services. One genuine way to do this is by building a Yahoo store. For those looking to start an internet business for the first time, starting out with a Yahoo store is an ideal solution. Taking advantage of the Yahoo store designer program can present users with their own ecommerce web design along with search engine optimizing tools, training tutorials, AND MORE. With your own design store on the Web, Yahoo has the reputation to back it up with more than 17,000 business owners and billions of dollars going through the Yahoo platform.

Yahoo store builders have tons of accolades, making it the ideal solution for an ecommerce website startup. In addition to 17,000 merchants, Nielsen ranked it the No. 1 portal shopping site with more than 18 million visitors browsing through it in 2001. Part of this success can be attributed to Yahoos complete line of services for anyone looking to build a Yahoo store with RTML templates or not. They include web hosting, ecommerce, domain, and marketing services. In order to achieve those Yahoo store profits, web hosting through Yahoo is the first step. It comes equipped with web site building tools, an unlimited number of web pages, and 24 hour customer service.

Those who arent Andy Jenkins can also take advantage of the Yahoo stores ecommerce solutions. You can manage up to 50,000 products for sale and design a professional looking website using Yahoos built-in tools. There is also support for third party tools, so if you want to use FTP programs to perform your work, its possible. In addition, Yahoo site builder supports a single or multi page checkout system and statistics pages where you automatically calculate tax and shipping along with your products. If RTML challenges leave you confused, there is customer service and getting started guides as well.

Andy Jenkins, one of the leaders in the ecommerce website industry who has changed the Yahoo store world by storm with his Online Store Profits, A Step-by-Step System e-book, can be easily learned from. As an expert generating millions in sales, one of the tips he stresses is to use store building software that comes with templates that reflect the nature of your business. His techniques can be applied by everyone from the rookie to the seasoned veteran. Becoming a Yahoo store design takes plenty of work, so look towards the Internet for all of the resources you need to get started.

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