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Based on what I’ve seen when I’ve analyzed top ranking pages in search engines, and on what many other search engine optimization experts have told me, link popularity is another technique for promoting your website.


Incoming Links (the amount of links other sites have pointing to your site) is becoming a more and more important factor when determining how high a site will rank on the results list of search engines.


Google paved the way for link popularity as a relevance factor (their algorithm uses link popularity as a major factor when ranking pages) and their success has not gone unnoticed among other engines. Altavista and Inktomi, for example, seem to be following this trend and are apparently decreasing the amount of attention they pay to the actual page submitted to them.


Instead, they are placing more and more weight to how many other sites are linking to the page, what kind of sites are they and what kind of text is located in/near the links. It seems that NATURAL links from sites dealing with the same subject as you and links from very popular sites (such as human-edited directories like ODP and Yahoo) can help your ranking in the search engines, while USELESS links from low quality sites and other random link lists will often be ignored completely.


This change of policy by some major engines is probably caused by the massive amount of doorways and other worthless machine-generated pages that have been flooding their indexes. The logic is that pages other people think are valuable resources will often get linked by other webmasters, while pages that are of low quality or do not contain any information at all will not gain many links – thus, the Top 10 places will be filled with sites people regard as useful.


I’m afraid that this change might make it even more difficult for small and new sites to make it to the top and favor big, high-traffic commercial sites, but only time will tell if this change is going to make things better or worse. But it’s no use to complain or get depressed about changes in search engine policies – we’re just going to have to live with them no matter what.



How to build your link popularity


The emphasis on link popularity makes two things even more important than what they have been. The first is, as always, content. Good content ensures that other webmasters link to your site just because they think it’s a valuable resource to their visitors – giving you traffic from the links, and a boost in your search engine rating too! The second thing is reciprocal links. They will also have a “double effect”, increasing your visitors from the links and from search engines. The more links you have pointing to your site, the better.


There are also some “link-share” services that are designed to boost your link popularity. The way they work is simple: Each member of a link-share program places a machine-generated page on his site and links to that page from his front page. The machine-generated page has links to all other sites participating in the program. Each member submits his machine-generated page to all search engines, and the result is that each member has a link to his site from everyone else.


These programs have produced some positive effects in the past, but many search engines now regard them as spam and some completely ban sites that participate in these programs. Additionally, given the current emphasis on links from similar sites by the search engines, they are in most cases completely useless or even harmful, which is why I would strongly recommend that you do not participate in them. Focus on creating good content and establishing reciprocal links instead.


In order for all these tricks to work, you must remember to submit any pages that link to your site to the search engines, unless they have already been submitted by the site owner. People will often link to your site without letting you know they have done so, so some will fall trough the cracks, but at least submit those you have knowledge of.


To check your link popularity, Google the term “link popularity checkers and tools” to find loads of resources that will provide you with real time statistics dealing with incoming links to your website. Read on to “Social Bookmarking.”

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SEM services, perfect tool for your website promotion

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It is no more a secret or a myth that Internet is the biggest marketing medium, which enables the companies and individuals to sell their goods and services to a wider range of customers. At the same time, it also allows them to be in direct touch with their clients. Because of this, most of the business organization and entrepreneurs are trying to establish their E-presence and launch their business on the internet. But the biggest drawback of any online business is that internet offers the customers with a choice of browsing things, as the customers can always refer to other sites. Therefore it is very important for the online entrepreneurs to have an effective website. But having an effective website is not just enough, getting the website optimized in an excellent manner, to be recognized by the search engines is also equally important.

So after any organization successfully launches its business on the Internet, the next important step is to look for ways for the online promotion of its business. Some of the best online promotion techniques include:

· To get the website optimized by effective SEO services to make it popular on the search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN.

· Submission of your website to all the major directories.

· Promoting your business in different social networks.

· Organizing effective PPC campaigns on search engines.

· Use some good tools like Google Analytics to monitor the demographics of your audience

All these services are provided by services providers known as Search Engine Marketing Service Providers. Getting services from SEM service providers could be the best tool to market your website by using different techniques. Efficient and effective search engine marketing service providers assist the companies by offering them with professional SEM services to enable them to achieve enhanced results from their online business.

Now-a-days, most of the web users and web based customers depend largely upon the search engines for collecting information about any product, services, companies or any other thing. Therefore if any company wants to sell its product or services, then it becomes necessary for them to make their website, product and services more and more popular on the search engines. In other words, it can be said that SEM service providers offer to its client services that can make their website popular on the search engines to get high listing in the result pages.

But as the demand of Search engine marketing services are increasing, so is increasing the number of SEM service providers in the online business world. Therefore it is important for organizations, which need SEM services, to look for an effective service provider who can offer them professional search engine placement and marketing services. It is necessary for you to look for service providers, whose services are aimed at assisting the client’s company in facing the online business challenges more proficiently. These services offered by SEM service providers can help your company in getting better business results in lesser time.

Internet marketing is a very vast field. Companies are using this medium to reach to the educated class of customers and those who are using net facility frequently.

Email marketing is highly specific, where Companies can introduce this marketing technique for immediate connectivity and instant promotion.

Immediate connectivity: Email marketing is related to sending promotional campaigns and introductory offers. Email service clients with immediate actions. It’s like, senders send messages and receivers receive it within no time. The only time required is to draft an Email message for target customer. Numerous people can be emailed all at once, within no time. Some Companies have the contact addresses of their target customers, in their contact list. This makes it all the more easier, to send messages, with immediate connectivity.

Instant promotion: Many promotional schemes are so lucrative that consumers get allured by such offers. Companies draft such schemes to allure customers and provide them maximum benefits within no time. Email marketing is one of those advertising techniques, which gives creates instant promotion within no time. Customers can understand that Email, and revert back for any confusion.

There are some precautions to be taken before promoting product or service in any scam:

No spam please:

Spam is never visited by users. Spam mailing creates negative impact on users. It is better to direct mails to inbox, only. Careless marketer or unscrupulous marketer may serve in unprofessional manner. Then, popularity of such products is reduced drastically. Avoid spamming under all circumstances.

Don’t flood other’s inbox:

Emails need to be least pushy and least obtrusive. Avoid hyping the products and services or readers may think that it is good to be true and never pay attention to it, at all. On the contrary, if Companies try to picture the product in absolute terms, then there would be least response, as truth is always bitter. A balance between the two situations creates maximum response.

Option to unsubscribe:

Create an option to unsubscribe Emails, in the end. This will create a positive effect in user’s mind. Many customers get bugged up by Email marketing and opt for unsubscribing them. This way a trust is created within the customer.

Create an instant link:

A customer should not search for links. They have to be readily available for him to react.

Email marketing should create such an impact that you receive instant reaction from receiver, then only Email marketing is successful for you.

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