Yahoo is the second most popular search engine online. It provides internet users with plenty of search options including general searches, travel, entertainment, real estate and Yahoo reverse phone number searches. Like Google and other search engines, Yahoo allows web surfers the chance to look for personal information (I.E. name and location) on an unknown caller by entering a phone number into their main web search box.

You should try a Yahoo reverse phone number lookup, even if you’ve already attempted to search for a mystery caller by using the services of another search engine. The reason is because all search engines seek out and index information in different ways. Thus, one search engine may be able to find something another one could not detect or find for you.

To begin your reverse phone number search using yahoo, it’s a good idea to conduct a general search to find out what results will be called up. What you will discover is that your search will either return specific results, or millions of results that will be impossible for you to look through. The following are all of the ways you can try searching for an area code and 7-digit phone number:

• Put the number in quotes and uses dashes – I.E. “111-111-1111”

• Use the plus symbol in place of dashes – I.E. 111+111+1111

• No dashes or spaces between numbers – I.E. 1111111111

With any luck, all of these different search methods will provide you with diverse results, and hopefully with the information you are looking for.

If you are unable to obtain results through a general search method, you may want to try a more advanced search by using Yahoo’s People Search site, and choosing their reverse phone lookup option.

Should you still be unsuccessful finding results with the advanced Yahoo reverse phone number search, there could be a number of explanations for the poor turnout, such as if the number you are looking for is:

• Unlisted

• Belongs to a cell phone

• Is an international number

• Has been typed in wrong

Yahoo only provides results for American landline phones (both business and residential) that are listed in a public directory. Therefore, should the number you want to lookup belong to a cell phone, using a wireless reverse phone number search would be more useful to you, than Yahoo.

Remember, when it comes to reverse phone lookups, the success of your results depends on the limitations of the reverse phone number site you are using.

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