Most accounting practice websites suck. They’re passive. They say, “Here we are. We exist and we offer services, just like every other CPA.” This does nothing to differentiate your practice from your competitors, or to magnetically draw clients. But done right, your website can serve as a powerful tool to differentiate yourself and grow your CPA firm.

Before I share with you my formula to create an effective website, there are at least two reasons why you would want a website: first, just about everyone’s got one, and you don’t want to be left behind; but second, most people make the same mistakes online that they make in print advertising, so you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself. And did I mention, this is a relatively inexpensive form of advertising with the potential to reach a large number of prospects? Marketing your CPA firm becomes a much easier task.

Here’s my formula for a website that the CPA practitioner should follow:

The most important page is the home page. The primary purpose of the website is to offer a free report / E-book / free CD in exchange for prospective clients’ contact information. What I am about to share is really very important and this where most CPA practitioners really miss out on. The way to monetize your website is to use it as a tool to collect contact information and build your list so you can stay in touch with these folks with a weekly Ezine.

Design your home page so it starts with a headline that gets the attention of the visitor. It has to solve a problem that is in the head of the visitor.

For example:

At last, New Jersey’s most successful CPA
and tax advisor to small business owners reveals his little
known tax reduction strategies

Follow it up with a sub-headline that further engages the visitor.
For example:

”How To Drastically Reduce Your Taxes By As Much As 62% This Year Alone And Put Thousands Back In Your Pocket”

Then, you should have a few paragraphs that talk more about the problems the visitor is faced with. You then present your free report / free E-book / free CD as the solution to their problem and the reason/s why they should listen to you.

You then put a call to action for them to get this free product (in exchange for their contact info.) (When they sign, they automatically sign up for your weekly Ezine as well.) If you have a few testimonials about the free product, include them here as well.

The second page is the “About You” page or “Our Team.”

On this page, give a brief bio about each team member with a picture, their educational background and relevant work experience. Have each team member say in their own words why they are working with you or what they are passionate about. It gets the team members involved in the process and the visitor enjoys reading something that is not boring because it’s written in the first person.

The third page can be titled “Services we provide.”

List the features and benefits of your services you provide. Let me give you an example.

The feature: Quick and Accurate Financial Statements.

The benefit: We will generate your Profit & Loss Statement quickly, honestly, and accurately, which will allow you to instantly Analyze Your Practice with numbers you can trust…Immediately Spot Potential Problems before they become crises… Identify Potential Profitable Trends that your practice should exploit… Recognize Areas of Improvement that need to be acted upon. Use your precious time to grow your practice and gain new patients.

The fourth page is the “Testimonial Page.”

In my practice, we serve business clients as well as personal tax clients so I make sure we have testimonials that are representative of both.

The fifth page is “Contact us.”

Give the visitor to your website all the ways they can contact you: Email address, phone number, fax number.

There you go, you now have a 5 page website that is more effective than 99% of the CPA websites out there. The main benefit to a website such as the one I described is that it becomes a 24-hour CPA firm marketing tool that prospective clients can use to find out about you even in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping or on weekends when you are enjoying time at home.

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Launch Your Site With the Most Authentic Sem Services

On January 4, 2010, in SEM, by entmind

Establishing the right network, leading to a consistent growth and eventually to a successful entrepreneurship should be the motive for every company that wants to take its business online. Incorporating the right advertising tools relevant to the nature of your business could take your company leaps and bounds in the worldwide scenario.
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As can be viewed on the site, we intend serving all those genuine companies out there who believe in generating traffic to their site through the white hat techniques. Our professionalism speaks for itself besides the high ethics that we as a team will never compromise on. Getting commercial these days is easy as that is fast money! But considering our team, we take up jobs for only those sites that would want to resort to ethical ways of building traffic and increasing their ranking on the search engines. Our services include optimizing your site, submission of your site to various directories, search engines and a good search engine campaign marketing drive. Investing in the apt search engine marketing service with us, based on your advertising needs, is worth it as it fetches a long-term growth, making a strong foundation for your online company.
We have a great team of experts in every department that constitutes the whole process of our SEM services. Giving your website the right content with and ideal number of predictable keywords will keep you not just launched on the online platform with the amazing traffic hitting your site, but would also result in astounding sales. Are you out to create history in the online vendor’s race? Well lift your spirits and equip yourself to handle the whopping response as an effect of our SEM services we have in place for you.

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If you are looking for a brilliant business opportunity online, setting up a Yahoo Store to market your products or services may just be the right way to get ahead. Yahoo Store provides just the right solution for companies and online businesses seeking a fast and cost-effective ecommerce platform. It has become the preferred way for businesses seeking a profitable business via the Internet. With many ecommerce operators now looking forward to this brilliant ecommerce alternative as their favorite choice, Yahoo Store development has become the buzz word of the online world currently.

Yahoo Store development taps into the vast array of features offered by Yahoo for its ecommerce store. It packages features like layout, menus, graphics, add-ons, content, customization, RTML programming, and others to turn your internet business into a success story. It also includes activities such as store design and redesign, enhancement, SEO, marketing, and many others, with the ultimate aim to build revenue generating stores. Being an ongoing process, it’s always the right time to develop your store and keep it in tune with online business requirements.

Yahoo Store development actually takes a lot of effort, which is usually handled by a professional design and development team. The ultimate aim of this team is to transform your store in the best performing asset in the online market. With all the development work done on your store, it’s all ready to be taken to the next level. The ultimate result is a thoroughly customer friendly store with great navigational and product lay out features setting it apart from the competition.

To go ahead with the development of your store, seek a professional and competent Yahoo store developer who is capable of performing this task. Check out the credentials including previous projects handled and the time within which the task can be accomplished. An experienced Yahoo store developer will develop and design your store with your business goals in mind and in tune with your brand image online. With the right development efforts, your Yahoo Store will be a dream come true and a thorough success in the right online environment.

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