Social media, specifically focusing on the social networking sites, is rapidly becoming the staple form of content online – user generated content is also some of the most valuable, as it is the honest voice of the public.
Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are among the more popular and profitable social networks for internet marketers. They’re freely available for anyone to use, and are challenging the convention of traditional media. Social media optimisation, or SMO, involves using this new form of media to increase your web presence and overall credibility. Here how to optimize for social media:

Clever Content
Optimise for your keywords, but always try and use fresh content rather than replicating old copy across the internet. Include the appropriate keywords, but not so much that the reader finds it repetitive.

Blog Above All Else
Blogging is the best way to create content on an ongoing basis, as there is always a new angle to take or industry news to relate – it’s not like setting copy into stone on your formal website; it has the potential to be much more personal and interactive than that.


Even more uncomplicated, personal and interactive, micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter are great ways to increase search engine visibility through the community of users.

Create Profiles Across Social Networks
Scour the internet for areas where you can create a presence. You don’t necessarily have to be an active member, but by creating profiles with your chosen keywords you can claim the online address before someone else does and increase your search engine visibility while you’re at it

Share and Share Alike
Everything you do online should be easy for users to share. Chicklets are the little buttons which are inserted added to blogs and websites making social bookmarking possible at the click of a button. Use them in your content, and bookmark your new blog posts. We will be looking at how to use social bookmarking sites to increase your web presence in the future, so remember to keep an eye out on this blog.

Interact and Be Part of the Gang
Possibly the most important aspect to SMO is social discussion and commentary. It’s no good being silent or stagnant online – the internet is way too interactive for that. Comment on blogs, ask questions, provide answers and generally just use your pulpit wisely.

Manage Your Online Reputation
If you don’t have any online reputation management services, it may be a good idea to invest in – or at least set up some simple reputation management tools like Google Alerts, Yahoo! Alerts and Twitter notifications to inform you of any content containing your keywords.   With Online Reputation Management you should not only monitor your online presence, but also attend to it efficiently during times of both good and bad publicity.

Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing, Internet advertising, e-Marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Online marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales. Internet marketing as of 2008 is growing faster than other types of media.
Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales for the help It does not simply mean building or promoting a website nor does it mean simply putting a banner ad up on another website. There are a few important characteristics that differentiate Internet marketing from off-line marketing. One major difference is probably the amount of start up capital needed to start a business. On the internet, all you need is a domain name and a web hosting server for you to get started. This cost is minimal.
Internet marketing is just something and everywhere. Online e-marketing is by far the fastest growing advertising method for all companies in this day and age. It is a specialized field and requires a unique combination of marketing expertise and technical resources that very few companies in the world can provide. Thus, you need to put in effort to make this work and I can tell you that the potential of income that you are looking at is an amount that you cannot believe. Super marketers are making millions of dollars on the Internet today and there seems to be no sign of slowing down for Internet Marketing.
You Can Become An Internet Marketing Consultant By Share Interest

If you are not knowledgeable about e-business in general and the way the online market place works, don’t worry, you can still learn very quickly and begin a career as an internet marketing consultant.
It doesn’t matter that you are total stranger to the online world, if you have just enough interest in internet marketing, you can actually still become an internet marketing consultant.
All it requires is just some work, just as is true for any career. When you begin to practice Internet marketing consultancy, store up information to equip you with varied knowledge and become scholarly.
It is your Internet marketing knowledge and skills that will ground you as marketable Internet marketing consultant. Find out where you power resides and specialize there as your niche while arming yourself with general Internet marketing information.
Continuously learn and load your knowledge store with every conceivable Internet marketing knowledge, for those are the basis on which you can sell yourself as internet marketing consultant, as soon as your skills and knowledge bolster your confidence enough to help Internet marketers become successful with their Internet marketing business.
Prepare fully, because as an internet marketing consultant it will be your duty to help different categories of Internet marketing clients. Some of your clients will be completely “green”, some others will be seasoned veterans of Internet marketing.
There will also be newbies who know nothing about business or the internet and are looking to you for everything for the help You will have to take them by the hands, so to speak. As an internet marketing consultant, people will look up to you to help them succeed as Internet Marketers.
If you have enough knowledge and pertinent Internet marketing information, becoming an internet marketing consultant can be rewarding work.. All you need to do is stock up on Internet marketing knowledge and skill, educate yourself, and be ready help all levels of clients.

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Internet Marketing has many methods to advertse of any type of business. Some of them like email marketing that is very popular now, viral marketing and other one by social media marketing. So, what is social media marketing? In internet world there are million of websites that are designed by for their specific business services. Some are just as business portfolio, some are for online service provider and some are for online marketing stratergies.

Social websites are these websites that provides user to share its thought, it may be your bookmark, your latest news collection or to know other people what like. In social media there are also network based websites like facebook, ibibo, beebo and orkut. There are so much popular websites based on region, based on interest, based on gossip. Now, to type of websites are there in social media one is bookmark based or voting based like digg, reddit, stumble upon, mix, delicious and other one is network based websites like facebook, beebo, myspace and orkut.

For getting traffic for any websites, SMO has also important role. But how some one get traffic from these websites? For traffic overview from these websites, you may get 10K-20K visitors for your website based on a separate day. So, if you choose 3 social websites and each giving you around 10K visitors then you would get 30K visitors per day for your website. That’s why social media based websites are now one of popular method to get traffic.

Every social websites have its own unique quality and that’s why they are popular in terms of seo or for getting traffic keywords. But they al have same mechanism that is getting more vote or getting more review and your bookmark would be front page of website. All of them have some advantages and some disadvantages too.

Stumbleupon: This is one of popular social website. Here can submit your bookmark or do stumble whatever you like on other website like picture, blog, video and share with your friends. In this website you would have to get review about your stumbled data. Benefit of this website is that your bookmark would be at your profile for long time. For SEO purpose you would get more traffic for your website as well as your website would get good keyword ranking.

Digg: This is other social website that is based on voting mechanism means more vote and your website would be at front page of this website and you would get more traffic. For getting more you should shout your story to your friends, so more friends, more vote and you would get first page. Benefits of his website is traffic towards your website as well as you would backlink for your website if you would also do comment on other story and from your profile too. Disadvantage of this website is that you need to touch with website daily because every time website stories to be changed, so long time availability of your story on your first page is not there.

Mixx: One other growing website is mix. It has no so much traffic like stumbleupon and dig. It is growing social website. This website is also depended on voting mechanism. For more vote your story is to be more voted by your friends. There are lots of groups and communities in this website that may help to get more votes from other person. Benefits of this website is that you would get good keyword ranking along with number of backlinks means more vote more backlinks.

Social websites are now one of best way to get more traffic over internet. Some other methods to get traffic are PPC program or viral marketing. Lots of major companies are expert in social media optimization (SMO) and they are giving their best services to their valuable clients.

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