Live From Madison Square Garden, SEO Vs Sem!

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A great evening in Manhattan, a fantastic atmosphere in Madison Square Garden. Web business people is waiting this match for a long time. One side there is Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing on the other, both seems fit and there is desire to win on face. Last years both sides challenged to other but they never came to face to face. Before the match starts, lets take a short look to their career, strength and weaknesses.

Called SEO is short term of Search Engine Optimization. A milestone in web business since the search engines are the main source for web users before they buy services or products online. Finest and most trustable data source with their high indexing capacity and different logical algos working on the back round may depend on your rankings while results are listed. As most web users do not look much after the 3rd pages of results, web business owners are directly influenced. A web surfer can be your client if your web site is ranked at the top of search results but how you get listed at the top of a major engine? Even there are different algos powering the search engines the main theory is mostly same, simple algo stands on location and frequency. A crawl base search engines use spiders a web site and classifies with different principles to define the ranking. A fact about algo can be changed or improved for search quality. I’am sure all professionals will remember Florida Update on Google. Indeed it was an earchquake more than an update, many results were changed or disappeared on Google, some high rankings even lost from the index. Actually general Google algo is formulated as Relevance Score , PageRank , Local Score with other tweaking , tuning or filtering aspects. Main development point of a search algo is how much off page factors are important and their degrees take part in your algo. The theory on here is not giving much control to webmasters with on page factors .Other search engines do not use Page Rank since Page Rank is a trademark which belongs to Google. Avoiding any spamming , manipulation trials, over optimization or even cloaked content, engines are modifying or changing the degrees ,adding new variables on their algo time to time but all work done is to provide higher search relevancy and quality for users. (Relevance score is SEO efforts, Page Rank is Link building efforts for Google and Local Score is links from expert documents) As seen from the formula, SEO efforts only work on relevance score and vary your ranking 10% if you hired a SEO professional but this can increase 18% if your SEO is master level. I would like to talk about Yahoo and Live search engines’ secrets either but as mentioned they are my professional secrets for now, if you don’t know these, its impossible to get top results on Yahoo or Live.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) is paid inclusions as seen Sponsored Results on engines based on pay per click. This marketing tool has been increased enormously in these years, even with expensive per click rates. In some keywords or phrases a click may cost 10€ ( online dating industry) whether visit converts to a lead or not. Ads buyers are ready to pay these high per click bills because SEM efforts bring more revenue than they spent. How this technology works while displaying the ads? Lets say few words about Google Adwords. Google has 2 different networks such as search network and content network. Search network means Google powered search results that you may see on any website with a search bar using Google’s search technology. Content network is different spidering technology and matching the search query and web site content. If you have a web site with high quality and useful content, you may apply and get involved Google’s Adsense network to make money. Google will classify your content and display related ads when a search query is matched as you have probably seen Ads by Google on web.

If SEO and SEM are powerful marketing tools which is the best and effective on sales conversion rates? This is the fatal question, both have advantages changing to the case, then lets compare:

A)In SEM, your web site does not need a change in most cases. If you want high conversion rates, a SEM professional should prepare high quality landing page is necessary only, not your entire design. On the other hand SEO may require some major design changes to get good spidering by engines.

B)PPC Ads charged when clicked only, displaying your ads will not cost you anything but poor Click Through Rates will increase your minimum per click costs. SEO visits are free of charge as visitors comes by clicking the natural search results from a search engine. Most visitors likely to trust a site they find on a search engine, they feel like natural results have been approved by the search engine.

C) SEM brings very quick results to analyze your campaign while SEO effects can take long time on ranking. On Adwords, just 15 minutes is enough to display your campaign on screen but SEO results may take up to 3 months on engine’s ranking.

D) ROI and Conversion rates are higher in SEM because you may design different landing pages according to your major products or services with price charts, feature comparison tables .However in SEO, you can not make these much because your most powerful PR page is your homepage so your sub pages which includes your product specification will not get listed higher than your main page.

E) Targeting is easy in SEM with campaign settings option. You may target national ,regional or international geographical areas depending on your shipping options. Google has features to promote your local business with accessing your business address or just selecting distribution area on Google Map. Another useful tool is matching options are enables you to select broad ,phrase,exacxt or negative matches while displaying your ads.When you prefer SEO, you can not prepare different target pages as they will be sub pages and will not get listed higher than your main page as above.

F) SEM limits you with your budget because your ads campaign will stop displaying when your daily, keywords or monthly budget is reached while SEO results longer even months after optimization work is done.

Finally who wins this match? Well, this depends on your expectation, budget and targets from your campaigns. As long years professional , I dont have a preference . Each business needs different campaigns, you may select to attract new clients in both tools while achieving your corporate targets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, unforgettable match is about to start in Madison Square Garden, please sit back and watch this.

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So it seems it is possible and over at http://wwwsearch engine the experiment is proving itself.


The question was ‘Can we take a banned site – No pages indexed in google, yahoo or live and can we give it life and PR rank?’


Well it took 2 days for a banned domain to enter the MSN Live and the Google Indexes. Now thats fast.


But how was it done


Actually the website is set up as a tutorial on how to succeed with SEO seach engine optimization. It is a step by step guild to soring in the SERPs ranking.


Just take a look at all the free tools offered all over the internet that practically force the search engines to index you. Take a hint and follow the links on this site, they take you to amazing free optimization tools.


So here are the basic steps that got this domain re-indexed after being banned.



20 September 2007 –



1. Added content- index.php | experiment.html | report.html | paid-directories.html


2. Put together an article about the ‘Website Directory Submission Experiment’


3. Submit the article to, please if you are a member please then digg this story!


3. Wait as long as I can to submit our article below to 640 Article Directories with Article Submitter.


    I want this website submission experiment webpage to be indexed by google first! This will secure that is the original source article and then we will not go into the googles suplimentals index. We do not want google to assume an articles site which we submitted to is the article source. Make sure you get your articles into the big article directories!



4. Continue to submit to the web directory database, placing the site into eg.



    – Placed TARGET=”BLANK” on all outgoing links I have so many outlinks to very reputable sources. It is smart to keep people on your site, so let them view your suggested outgoing urls, but always leave your site page open. I even placed TARGET=”BLANK” on affiliate links such as


    Website Submitter | Article Submitter


    Then I went ahead and placed up meta tags with an off beat title to the site


    .titleThat is only 10c for a permanent link pointing to your website!.Title


    its actually a one line sales pitch. In the description i just cut a block of text out of my main body


    .meta content=”We will hand submit YOUR site to 2000 FREE DIRECTORIES for $200 US That is only 10c for a permant link pointing to your website! Compare that with adwords | SEO search engine optimization is link building.


    and pasted it straight in as the meta description. I also use this description across all directory site submissions and acticle site submissions.


    Also FORCE GOOGLE to visit your site in everyway possible


    1. Reinclusion request.

    2. ADD URL.

    3. Place Adsense.

    4. Place a google search form on your site.

    5. Set-up adwords campaign and force google to scan your sites keywords! How?


    Use the capaign keywords tool and select the option ‘Site Related Keywords’


    Here is what Google scanned, so we can see an insight into what Google thinks about this site, and it’s a perfect result!


    5. Setup an Adwords Campaign using the suggested keywords, create some Adwords Adds. I have posted my Adds below!


    6. I added the very important Only Wire button


    7. Place engine optimization to these directories ASAP!


    8. Free email subscription service set up on the site for you to sign up to receive our SEO strategy techniques and discounts.


    9. Placed a free translation script on the site to cater for foreign language visitors. 10 x the pages to index for the engines.


    PS. please note that we are already indexed in Google and MSN Live after one day, 20 September 2007.


    Will it last?


    Probably not as we will be indexed but now categorized and themed and adjusted within the SERPs.

    So we will come and go – but indexed for two major engines within two days is very good!

Search engine optimization is increasingly being accepted as a powerful and critical component of the marketing plan. With the costs involved in other forms of online marketing growing significantly, it has become almost a necessity for companies to include SEO in their overall marketing mix.


It’s thus no surprise to know that professional SEO today is big business and this industry is growing at a fast pace. There are however many different types of SEO firms out there and finding a reliable service can be a daunting task.


Search engine optimization firms employ varying methods to get high rankings for websites and not all of these techniques are considered ethical. With the increasing number of ‘black hat’ SEO firms, (companies using unethical and unfair methods and techniques to manipulate search engines), and the thin line between actual ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO practices, it is crucial to be well informed of the methodology the company plans to use for your website before you decide to hire them.


Here are 8 simple tips to help you in your evaluation and selection of a trustworthy and professional search engine optimization service:


1. Educate yourself with the basics

Make sure to do your homework carefully before you venture out to hire a SEO service. It’s imperative you understand in advance exactly what a firm can and will do for you to enable you to evaluate them. There are several resources online dedicated to search engine marketing and search engine optimization and taking the time to understand and learn the basics will go a long way.


2. Fee structures and your budget

There are no standardized fee structures and most companies offer a range of packages instead. A package may in itself contain a variety of services like keyword research, optimization of a certain number of pages, directory submissions etc. Selecting a company should not be only about cost. A firm that charges more may not necessarily be better at SEO and likewise a firm that charges less may not necessarily be providing you the same services. Use prudence while understanding pricing models and the risks behind them. One way to go about deciding what your budget should be is to first identify your website’s and business’ unique needs, tailor a package to meet these requirements and then compare firms’ pricing models to decide a realistic baseline budget.


3. Size and specialty of the firm

Depending on the size of your website and requirements of your company, it might be a good idea to check out whether the firm is adequately staffed and what their customer to SEO team ratio is.


Another important thing is to ensure that the company specializes in all areas of SEO and has a team of professionals experienced and accomplished in each of the areas including design, development and actual coding.


4. Location

The location of the firm largely depends on your comfort level. You may favor a local company or one at least within your country or prefer to outsource completely to another country to benefit from their lower costs. There are also few companies using a blended offshore delivery model with marketing and client services offices in one country and the actual design and development work being done in another. With the combination o
f lower costs plus client servicing available within reach, this upcoming balanced model may be a good option to consider.


5. Client testimonials and references

References are a great way to start and should be freely available. If they haven’t been provided, ask and make sure to use them to find out exactly how credible and trustworthy the company really is based on their past client’s experiences.


6. Guarantees

Most firms won’t guarantee top position results and shouldn’t. It is justifiable for a company to guarantee increasing your traffic or rankings from its current positions; however if any SEO service is guaranteeing you a specific position/ranking in any search engine, make sure you read the fine print of the agreement.


7. Ethics / Spam

Ethics is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting a search engine optimization company. There are a variety of unethical practices a firm can use right from while selling their services to you, to, the actual methods they employ while optimizing your site (keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc to name a few). Make sure to ask as many questions as possible and specifically about the methodology they use. If the firm does not offer you ready explanations of the process they undertake to optimize websites, you probably need to look elsewhere.


8. Reporting and success measurement

Some of the key questions to ask – How long will it take to see results? What type of reports will the SEO firm furnish and how often? How will success be measured? Will a maintenance plan be included?


It is largely up to you to define the goal and success level of your SEO campaign. It may be an increase in the traffic to your site, potential leads from a mailing list subscription, or an increase from last years sales. Make it a point to discuss and articulate your goals with the SEO firm and come to an agreement before you hire them. It is however important to set realistic expectations. Unlike PPC and other forms of paid advertising, SEO is a time consuming process, both in terms of implementation as well as results.


To conclude, hiring a SEO services firm can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line, however the decision to partner with a particular SEO firm should only ensue after a careful evaluation of the firm and after you have done the groundwork necessary to help you decide your own goals for the program.


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Instant messengers are a popular way for people to keep in touch over long distances and have been growing in use as the internet has become more and more populated. Unlike phone and email, using an instant messenger allows users to have a live conversation electronically, while leaving them free to do other things, from running around packing for a trip or working with another computer program. Some of the most popular instant messenger programs are Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and of course, MSN Messenger. The latter of which has recently gone through an update which makes it much more customizable and user friendly.

MSN Plus is the newest edition of MSN Messenger and has been updated significantly since the previous versions of the program. The first of these features is the ability to use tabs to organize conversations. Similar to the new Internet Explorer and Firefox tabs, each conversation would be in a separate page within a single window. By clicking on the different tabs at the top of the window, a user and switch easily between conversations. Now a user can have many conversations open without taking up his entire desktop with a separate window for each conversation.

The QuickTexts feature allows users to set up a shortcut phrase to enter a much longer message. Now when a user wishes to contact a friend not currently in his friend list he can simply type in one word as a shortcut to a full introduction. So now typing ‘brb’ could send the message ‘be right back.’ Along the same lines is the custom sounds feature. This feature allows for a user to add a sound to the conversation without an accompanying visual. The user can upload her own files, so she could even record her own voice as a custom sound.

As with the older forms of the messenger, users can create a personalized status complete with an automatic response feature. Added onto that however is a timer that allows for the switching of the status message. The new feature allows for much more personalization when it comes to the user’s status updates and auto responses. MSN Plus even allows for a user to be signed into multiple accounts simultaneously, opening up many possibilities. Now a user could have a personal account open to talk to friends and have a professional one open for business reasons. The new logging feature will keep track of not only all of the user’s conversations but will also record when contacts sign on and off allowing the user to refer back to conversations past or get an idea of when his friends are online.

These features and others allow for much more freedom and customizability in the already strong MSN Messenger program. The new MSN Plus is easier and faster to use, making it one of the best messenger programs available today. If you are looking for a strong, versatile messenger, then MSN Plus has what you need.

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