There has been much hype and conversation around the link popularity, but a lot of it is related to getting effective inbound links. The idea behind link popularity is based on the ranking algorithm of various search engines. To determine the ranking of WebPages, search engines simply count the number of links pointing to a website and that is called Inbound Linking. However, few search engines give more weight age to the links coming from significant pages. Therefore, more and more inbound links, is not the only factor which affects the link popularity, it also includes the quality and relevance of content of WebPages.

Plenty of ways to achieve extensive inbound links –

One-way link building – To get a link on another website for one-way link building, you must have a quality website.

Reciprocal link building – Choose quality partners to exchange links between two websites.

Press release submission – To get natural back link, write press release about new launches.

Article submission – Article submission in various websites help to get huge back links to your site.

Social book marking and Social networking – This is the great way to get back links as high quality content always catches the eyes of visitors.

Three-way link exchanges – Link exchange between three websites is also a popular way of link building.

Directory submission – It includes link building with well known directories according to category.

Viral link building – It means creating or adding useful/unique content and spreading them over the number of sites to get natural inbound links.

How to measure link popularity– In order to analyze the link popularity, measurement of inbound links is required. There are number of tools available to count the inbound links. One of the easiest way to measure the number of links is:

Google search– Write the Domain name like this: Link: in Google search and the result will display the WebPages that have hyperlinks linking to the related website. You find this technique very feasible to check popularity of your link.

Inbound links are important for websites that want to increase the ranking, improve page rank and invite huge traffic. So in link popularity, the end goal is to have good links that point to your WebPages.

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Inbound Link Building In Internet Marketing

On December 29, 2009, in SEO, by entmind

A technique to generate inbound links to a website to increase web traffic and internet popularity.

It is a most effective approach to build high Page Rank in search engine and gain popularity over competatitors.Link building is a best Internet marketing Strategy.

Inbound links play a key role in determining rakings in search Engines.

Link Building will depend upon two important factors:

• Internal Link Building Factors
• External Link Building Factors

“Building high authority inbound links is a key aspect”

Link Building is three types:

One way Link Building: Link from website A to website B but no link back from website B.
Website A ? Website B

Two way Link Building: Mutual Link between both website A and website B .It is also called as reciprocal link building.
Website A ??Website B

Three –Way Link building: In this website A can link to website B and C and there is mutual linking between these three websites.
Website A ? Website B ? Website C

Link Building can help….

1. Increase Page Rank
2. Increase Traffic to a website
3. Increase Search Engine Visibility
4. Increase Sales leads
5. Gain long run popularity to a website

Link Building Ideas:

1. First Set a clear goal
2. Make sure your website has keyword reach content telling that your website is worth linking.
3. Determine your target authority websites to link.
4. Create a quality link partner

Fastest ways to have better inbound links:

• Link Exchange with link partners
• Forum Participation
• Blog Participation
• Article Writing & Submission
• Directory Listings
• Classified Ads
• Press Releases

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Once a website has been constructed and the content optimized for the chosen key words, the main objective or strategy of a smart webmaster will be to submit the Website to the Search Engines and obtain as many Inbound Links and Reciprocal Links.

One-way Inbound Link is an external link pointing to your website from another site. You need not reciprocate in other words you do not have to link back to that website. On the other hand in Reciprocal Linking, to obtain an external link from another site pointing to your website, you have to link back to that site or reciprocate with a link from your website.

In recent times One-Way Inbound Links have received a lot of prominence and smart webmasters are spending their time, effort and energy in obtaining more One-Way Inbound Links rather than Reciprocal Links. The stampede to obtain One-Way Inbound Links is understandable once you know the facts and the benefits of having these links.

The Search Engines have begun to realize that many Webmasters have started adopting various ruses to artificially increase their link popularity and the page rank of their websites. Many website owners started manipulating the system to their advantage such as purchasing high PR links and adopting certain Black Hat techniques.

Hence the Search Engines have now begun to consider One-Way Inbound Links superior to Reciprocal Links because,if a website links to your website without obtaining a link back, it clearly indicates that your site is a site of quality and that it is popular with a lot of other sites.

If your website has many One-way Inbound Links, especially links that are of quality and relevance then your website will be ranked higher than those sites with reciprocal links. So it stands to reason that the more number of quality and relevant One-way Inbound links you obtain the greater and faster your chances of increasing your link popularity and page rank and rank high in the searches for your keywords.

Smart webmasters soon began to realize the importance of one way inbound links and started adopting certain strategies to obtain them such as:

1. Submitting the website to high page rank quality directories and to Niche or specialized directories.

2. Writing high quality articles displaying their expertise and submitting these articles to article directories, article banks and article distributors, thereby creating a viral effect with webmasters picking up these articles and publishing them.

3. Participating in Forums and posting in Blogs with their links in the signatures.

4. Submitting articles to Social Bookmarking Sites. Most of these sites have a high page rank and are a valuable source for inbound links.

These Strategies not only help Webmasters boost the link popularity and page rank of their websites but also help the websites to rank high in the Search Engines for their keywords.

In addition to the above, Targeted traffic will soon start flowing from hundreds or even thousands of links in the Resource boxes of these articles, from Directories, Forums, Blogs and Social Bookmarking sites.

These are actually visitors searching the Internet for websites, products and services like yours or admirers of your expert articles who could end up as customers or members of your list.

Acting smart and adopting your strategies to suit the changing algorithms of the Search Engines is the best way to move forward and be ahead of the competition. The ultimate goal is to obtain good Link Popularity, High Page Rank and substantial Traffic to your website. It appears that for all practical purposes, One Way Inbound Links have come to stay and the stampede to acquire these links will continue.

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