SEO services happen to be a small part of SEM solutions that work directly to produce higher rankings. SEO basically plays it part in on-site and off-site adjustments, so that higher rankings can be produced in the search engine result pages.

SEO turns out to be an extremely gainful tool by working well in association with few different SEM facets like traffic analytics. SEM is comparatively bigger to SEO in purpose and comprises almost every tactic and strategy used to market online. SEM solutions carry out the task of marketing online through search engines, such as Google, Live and MSN.

SEO/SEM services immensely help one out in attracting valuable traffic that a thriving business won’t wish to miss. Just by picking up a viable marketing strategy that has been built around effective SEM services and expert SEO services, you can attain much better online visibility.

As you set out to perk up a SEO campaign for your site, your focus forever remains on getting inbound links from quality and related sites. There are plenty of ways to do that, and you can adopt the tactics like submitting to link directories, social bookmarking, reciprocal linking, article distribution, video blogging and participation in relevant forums.

Placing the proper keywords within your title, description Meta tag and keywords Meta tag is called On Site optimisation for having higher ranking. It is a preliminary step that the most SEO packages entail. In Google SEO, you get restricted to only 8-9 words within the title tag for having the best possible results.

Sandboxing by Google plays a major role in pumping up SEO and SEM solutions in the right direction for furthering of a site’s prospects online.

It is a good idea to link an inbound link with anchor text, as anchor text within the link is likely to get clicked for being a meaningful text. Emboldening the links also assist rankings to pick up. The site with inbound links to sub pages even does better than the links pointing to its home page. So, advisable is to go about link exchanging for sub pages.

Also noteworthy is that the relevance of inbound links pays more while carrying out SEO/SEM services. While working with SEM packages, keep in mind to avail comparable link popularity to your competition. And most importantly, give place to only top key terms within the content of your web site to make you SEM solutions a gain for the users.

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SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are an online business owner’s best friend. With Google celebrating its 12th birthday and twice as many people online as there were just five years ago, there has never been a better time to make search engines work for you. That said; let’s see how you can absolutely dominate Google!

This article has three parts; Stats, Spying and Shortcuts. Each section and tip can be used alone or used together for faster results. The following information is what the SEO and SEM experts know and gives you the inside scoop on the tools they use.

Part 1; Search Engine Stats: This will give you the latest intel on search engines. This is to help you make informed decisions on how to spend your SEO time and where to spend your SEM money (search engine marketing, which includes pay per click advertising.)

A.) Google gets nearly half of all US searches performed on the Internet so you can bet that’s at the top of our SEO to do list. Here are the exact numbers as provided by the “comScore for” survey:

42.7% Google 28.0% Yahoo! 13.2% MSN 7.60% AOL 5.90% ASK 2.60% All Others Combined

B.) Now that we know how much the search engines are used let’s get some inside information to help us plan SEO and SEM strategies. According to the UK based company, users of Google versus those of MSN are just about polar opposites when it comes to natural versus paid search listings. Here’s what their research found:

Google: 72.3% of searchers prefer clicking on the natural listings that SEO helps you get. Only 27.7% prefer using the paid links you might use as part of your SEM plan.

MSN: Only 28.8% of searchers go for the natural listings while 71.2% rely on paid links. This is almost the exact opposite of how Google users work.

That is amazing information to have! You know right away that your time and effort is better spent on SEO for Google while putting your pay per click dollars into MSN is probably your best bet.

C.) Now for the biggie; return on investment (ROI.) Once again our friends at Neutralize have some great information. The following numbers show the approximate ROI that Website owners got using SEO and SEM (specifically pay per click.) for lead generation and actual sales…

Lead Generation: * 79% SEO * 75% Paid Search (SEM)

Actual Sales: * 78% SEO * 63% Paid Search (SEM)

These are huge returns on investment. In comparison, banners only account for about one third as many leads and sales.

Part 2; Spying: This will show you where and how to get the very best inside info on what all your competitors are doing and how to beat them. It’s like being handed a copy of your competitions’ online business plans. Just go to “” and take a look at some of the free information they offer. Better yet, check out to see everything you can get, free and paid. I’m a big believer in spending wisely so for most people I would recommend just spending the $6 for a 3 day full access package instead of paying for a regular subscription.

Here’s a blurb from the site that tells what SpyFu offers…”Want to know which of your competitors has the largest ad budget, or which term gets the most clicks per day? Use SpyFu’s Advanced Search to find out. Advanced Search allows one to search by all the metrics provided on the site and allows you to focus on the data that’s most important to you. What’s more, you can save your Advanced Search results to Excel with the click of a button.”

Part 3; SEO and SEM Shortcuts: “Shortcuts” does NOT mean cutting corners. Our “shortcuts” are based on finding how the professionals do it and following in their footsteps. When it comes to SEO and SEM, the best shortcuts to success involve finding the best performing and least expensive software that provides the quickest return on investment.

A.) The best SEM shortcut I know is using software to find your top keywords and otherwise help manage your pay per click campaign. Two of the most popular and widely used tools are and Keyword Elite.

With you pay a recurring subscription fee of $59 per month or $329 per year. I used this for a while then bought Keyword Elite ( for $175 because it appeared to do more and cost less than subscribing to WordTracker. I found it to be a better deal for my needs since there are no recurring fees and lifetime free upgrades. But it’s all about personal preference. Both products are fantastic!

B.) Picking the top SEO tool is a no brainer for me. I retired my other three products after working with SEO Elite ( for just a few weeks. Although I admit I was first attracted by the small price tag of $167, it wasn’t long before I tossed the more expensive tools and just used SEO Elite. Here’s what it did, right from the start…It helped me land 121 top 5 rankings on Google within three weeks; Mostly 1’s and 2’s. It also nabbed 377 great link partners in the first 2 weeks alone, which led to even more top 10 rankings on Google. This is the same company that published Keyword Elite, which also helped me make the initial decision. They’ve been a major SEO software development player for years and the lifetime of free upgrades with zero annual costs they offer is that special touch that shows they can relate to people in the world of search engine optimization.

This information can help you dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN very quickly. Enjoy!

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Did you know that the Google search engine actually tells you how to get a top search engine ranking? Everyone thinks it’s a mysterious secret. However, it actually isn’t all that mysterious at all. In fact, if you do a search for “Google Webmaster Guidelines” they explain what they look for when they add a web site to their search index and rank a web site in the search listings. By following the suggestions that Google provides, you can achieve top search engine rankings for keywords related to your target market without having to resort to tricks to manipulate search engine rankings.

First off, understand that the last thing you want to do is use tricks to manipulate search engine rankings. Also known as “black hat techniques” these tricks will do nothing more than make Google mad at you and get your web site eliminated from the search engines completely.

Remember, the purpose of Google is to provide relevant content to the end user, who is the person who is performing the search at a given point and time. What you want to do is to help Google facilitate that process, not try to fight against Google by creating a bunch of junk just to try to manipulate the search engine rankings.

You can do a search as I suggested above and read what Google wants yourself, however, I will highlight a few things that will help you in your search for top search engine rankings on the Google Search Engine.

The best way to get listed in the search engines is to create a very content rich web site. One of the factors that Google uses to determine search engine position is a concept called page rank. This concept describes the way that Google ranks each web page based on a variety of factors. One factor that determines page rank is the content on your web page. One of the things that Google LOVES is a web site that has lots and lots of content. Therefore, if you want to get ranked high in the search engines, a great way to do that is to create a web page that has a large amount of content.

One of the best ways to get Google to rank your web site high is to have relevant web sites link to your web site. If there are web sites that have content similar to the content that you have on your web site and those web sites link to your web site, then you significantly increase the chances of your web site getting a higher ranking in the search engine. It’s even better if the relevant web site already has high placement in Google’s search engine.

Another suggestion that Google makes is to get your web site submitted to relevant directories. This is also an excellent way to increase your search engine rankings for your web site. One area that is overlooked is niche related directories. By submitting your web site to directories that are related to the niche your web site covers, Google looks favorably upon your web site and will give you a higher search engine placement as a result.

In short, take some time out and look to see exactly what it is that Google is looking for. Then go ahead and give Google what they want. There’s an old saying “If you help enough people get what they want, you can have what you want.” This saying also applies to Google. Help Google get what they want (which is quality content in their search engine) and you can have whatever you want (which is a high search engine ranking in Google).

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