Pagerank update July 29 2009

On August 4, 2009, in SEO, by entmind

Apparently there was a pagerank update around a week ago, I for one, did not see that coming for hell, usually google takes it’s sweet time to update the pagerank, and it’s done every 3-5 months and sometimes they take half a year to udpate the pagerank, if they are going to speed up their pace for updating pagerank it might put a great strain on webmasters, a site which is PR6, going through a bad month would be deemed PR5 and what if the owner wants to sell the site but can’t anymore because it’s value just dropped..

This blog is still PR0 because I wasn’t really expecting the update to be that soon, I thought I had by the end of August at least, ah well, by the next update I’m guessing I’ll have a PR4 atleast.

Honestly it was better when the pagerank was updated once in a while, it gave people time to actually work on their SEO and backlinks so that it paid off on that one glorious day when you had gone from PR0 to PR5. Let’s hope they don’t speed up their process now.

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