Features of Joomla Web Designing

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Are you at all familiar with the terms Joomla web designing or Joomla technology? Basically, Joomla is an award-winning CMS or Content Management System which allows a web developer to create web sites and powerful online applications.

Why Joomla Web Designing is a Crowd Favorite

There are actually quite a good number of options when it comes to the CMS that web administrators can use, but why are Joomla website templates extremely popular?

What sets Joomla web designing apart from all the other methods is the fact that Joomla web designers and Joomla web developers find the interface extremely easy to use.

In addition, Joomla is open-source software which even somebody who has no technical expertise in web designing can use.

What are the Features of Joomla Web Designing?

Joomla web designers enjoy the usability of the following features:

Automated templates

Add-on’s and plug-ins to facilitate the use of even more features

Content that is easy to edit

Document management

E-commerce features

Shopping cart features

Web standards upgrades

Workflow management

Joomla web designers use these features at their disposal so that they can maximize the earning potential of website, especially the sales-oriented ones. So when looking for a company which provides Joomla web designing services, make sure that they do have the experience and the expertise in this type of Content Management System.

Joomla Web Designers India: Where to Look for Expert Joomla Web Developers

Now that you already have an idea about the basic information regarding Joomla web designing, Joomla technology as it is used in web designing and Joomla website templates, how exactly can you get a hold of the services of Joomla web developers?

If you are looking for Joomla web designers in India, all you need to do is get in touch with SEO Outsourcing India. There are so many companies in India who have been providing best Joomla web designing services.They efficiently provide imaginative and intuitive design solutions. No matter what type of Joomla website templates or Joomla technology application it is that you require, you can rest assured that Indian web design companies can take care of it for you.

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My Web Hosting Features

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Explanations to all web hosting cpanel account features that comes with every purchase.

99% Uptime Guarantee – A promise that your website will not be disconnected to the internet. 99% means your website will be connected to internet only next to daily server maintainance such as daily reboots.

Domains and FTP

Addon Domains/Parked Domains – The number of additional domain names allowed to be hosted under the current plan.

Sub Domains – The number of new domains your allowed to create from your current domain name under the current plan.

FTP Accounts – FTP stands for file transfer protocol. A FTP account allows you to create directories under your website for others to access files. Transfering files to your website is done by a FTP program.

Anonymous FTP – Allows others to transfer or views files without a required login.

Supported features

MySQL Databases – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

CGI – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

PHP4 & 5 – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

Ruby on Rails – An open source web framework optimized for writting codes or coding

SSH – Allows the integration of developing and debugging files with text editors such as vim or nano.

Perl – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

Chilisoft ASP – Creates dynamic web based applications by combining scripts, html, customer server components and robust database publishing.

Python – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

SSI- Perl based HTML commands that optimizes the directing of a server to a web page.

Cron – Allows scheduled timings of commands.

Frontpage – A Microsoft application that allows you to create and upload websites.

Curl – A command line tool for transferring files with url syntax.

GD – Creates images such as PNG and JPEG.

Image Magick – A collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats.

Streaming Audio/Video – Allows video and audio files to shown and viewed on your website.

Free Module Installation –


POP 3 Accounts – POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs such as Outlook Express or Eudora.

Web Mail – Send and receive emails by online

Email Alias – Allows you to setup multiple email addresses to go to a single mail box.

Auto Responders – Create instant automatic replies for recieved incoming email messages.

Mailing Lists – Create a email group to send out messages instantaneously.

Catch Alls – Allows to relocate and catch all emails sent out to wrong email addresses.

Spam Assassin – Blocks spam getting sent to your email.

Mail Forwarding – Forward emails to desired email addresses.

IMAP Support – “IMAP permits a “client” email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.”

SMTP – Enables outgoing email messages.

Conrol panel features

Fantastico – Automatically installs scripts to your website.

Soho Lauch – A creation website application.

Hotlink Protection – Protects your website from links being stolen to be used on other websites.

IP Deny Manager – Allows you to block, control and manage all users accessing your website.

Custom Error Pages – Customize errors and non existant pages for redirection.

Instant Blogs – Automatically creates blogs

Instant Portals – Automatically installs protals.

Instant PHPNuke – Automatically creates and installs PHP Nukes

Instant Forums – Automatically creates and installs forums.

Instant Guest Books – Automatically creates and installs guest books.

Instant Counter – Allows you to track the number of visitors of your websites.

Instant FormMail – Automatically create email forms for your website.

Redirect URL – Redirect your website addresses to another.

Web Based File Manager – An application tool that allows you to upload files through the web by control panel.

PW Protected Directories – Protect your website with passwords.

phpMyAdmin – Allows easy management of your databases.

Web FTP Statistics

AWStats – Real time updates and stats

Webalizer – Displays website traffic statistics.

Raw Log Manager – Allows you to download your website raw logs.

Referrer Logs – Track your websites traffic and visitors.

Error Logs – Notifies you of any visitors recieving web errors.

E-commerce Features

Shared SSL – SSL encrypts confidential data such as credit card numbers and passwords.

Private SSL – Encrypts confidential data such as credit card numbers and passwords on a private server.

Agora Cart – A shopping cart

osCommerce – A shopping cart

ZenCart- A shopping cart

CubeCart- A shopping cart

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Yahoo web hosting has been a service from yahoo that has transformed many people and businesses alike making it land on an award for small business hosting. The award by PC Magazine was in 2005. Some of the key features for yahoo web hosting are the easy to follow tools for design, free domain names, unlimited data transfer and disk space, the email storage is also unlimited, the web hosting is reliable and secure and there is 24 hour customer service. The design options are very advanced and you can trust yahoo to give you all the tools that make a website different from others. Yahoo has designed 3 easy steps to help you and guide you come up with a site the easy way.

The step by step guidance will help you get set up fast and, the checklist is really simple. The next thing you choose is a design for the site that can be customized. Format you logo and add text according to your taste. Pages that customers like are testimonials, services, news and more are vital and you should add them. By clicking to edit pages, you will be updating your site and this will ensure that the readers are told what is new. Therefore, the three easy steps which have been echoed by the above statements are picking the kind of presentation or look you want and secondly, personalizing that look to provide a unique feel and lastly is to publish your information.

You will see all the various designs available by going to the design gallery. It is a tool that facilitates the process and for those who have no idea about starting a site this is perfect for them. There are very many designs available and they include Agora, Avery, Blink, Blush, Boardroom, Bonded, Brody, Companion, Compound, Crawford, Crestview, Delphos, Dovetail, Fizz, Gossamer, Hamilton, Harvest, Kenyon, leone, Mansfield, Medina, Mimosa, Northwood, Patina, Platonic, Portland, Raven, Riverside, Vigor, Victoria, Vernacular and the list goes on and on. For new customers, yahoo web hosting is cheaper because they offer a discount that will go a long way to make sure that your pockets are not left empty.

Some of the design tools are Microsoft Front Page 2000/2002, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Publisher and most FTP software. On the sites, you will be shown how to use existing domain names so that you can have a site. You can also move your site to yahoo web hosting and there are several steps to follow. The first thing is to save your web files and this include sound files, images and video clips. Save them to your computer. Using the necessary FTP tools, transfer all these files to yahoo. Then you can preview the upload files before publishing them to the internet. Finally, by just clicking a button, you can publish the information on the internet. Therefore, if you are looking for a web host you can trust yahoo web hosting to make the work easy and affordable, yahoo will provide that and more.

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