The entire fuss about getting a free iphone

On January 4, 2010, in Freebies, by entmind

For starters, let me tell you that this is no scam, hidden contract or some smart marketing plan to pull wool over your eyes. Instead this is a simple business plan that benefits everyone. The idea behind giving this free iphone 3G is to run a promotional campaign by giving freebies. It is a novel promotional idea that does a lot more than just informing people about a certain company or a brand.

The entire advertising concept is based on the idea of letting more people know of you and asking them to try your products and in return, giving them a free iphone 3G. Let us take a detailed look at how the process works. Supposedly a person signs up for a website and refers the website to more people. These referrals are asked to buy some products or try some offers by the company. Once the referrals do that, some cashback is allotted in the user’s name. Finally when the person has provided the required number of referrals, he/she gets a free iphone.

Let us take an example to understand this. Supposedly you sign up for a website that offers you no contract iphone worth £350. To get this free iphone you need to refer at least16 people. Now, each of these 16 people that you referred opts for a company offer. Since the company is making business through these 16 people, it gets £25 per person. Now, the website makes a total amount of £425 i.e. 17 x £25(16 referrals and you as well). From this very amount the company buys you an iphone worth £350. So the company still manages to save £75, which it uses as operative costs and gains. Thus, everybody involved in this whole process  benefits. The company makes money through the referrals that you have provided that it also gets advertised as more and more people use its services.

The website that does all this gets its share of profits. In this way it manages to run a decent business for itself. And you, on the user-end, get an iphone for free of cost. So, everybody gets something out of the process without paying much for it. However, you should make sure that you look for your free iphone only at authentic and genuine websites such as

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