Low Priced But Dependable Hosting

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The foremost thing which one should keep in mind while choosing a low price web host is that, how much quantity of disk space is required by the user, i.e. precise amount of MB, the number of pages, quantity of video or audio files, or any miscellaneous things. If one’s website is going to have an ample amount of visitors then going for a cheap web host may not be a preferable option. A further crucial thing is the number of email addresses delivered by the low priced web host; it could be smaller as per expectation, thus one should vigilantly analyze all the features offered by the hosting company.

In order to make all the aspects clear one should fully analyze merits and demerits of investing in low priced web hosting. Therefore if one analyzes top 10 cheap web hosting companies, one can discuss about 3 aspects i.e. price, quality and services provided. One can receive a cheap web hosting at the rate of $5 and $20 per month. Provided space can be in the range of 3GB and 5GB, and the bandwidth between 45GB to 300GB, both the features can vary as per price paid.

One should look for a web hosting company on whom he/she can depend upon. One more crucial feature is the customer support. One can say that, customer support is the root of web hosting. A dependable host should possess both phone supports, as well as email support because in case of emergency phone support can be more effective as compare to email support. When one talks about email support, response time is the area where all the importance lies. Few takes hours and even days to respond while for some few minutes are quite enough. In addition to it, in few companies customer support is restricted to certain hours only; however, when one is looking for a dependable host the support should be 24/7.

Hence, for getting cheap but dependable host one should merge two points mentioned in the article. One must do continues investigation and measure between features and offers delivered by different hosts. One can use above-mentioned points as equipments to end the search at the right choice, with happiness and satisfaction.

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Way to Find a Dependable Host

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There are several users who suffer from the problem of vanishing of their site from the internet. And they don’t know what the reason behind it is. There may be several factors which plays a role behind it. But one the major aspect is the selection of wrong host.

Selection of host is a very important task. Because it decides in which way user’s business will go. Either it attains heights or rather gets spoiled. If user does not take this issue seriously he/she can loose a large amount of income due to incapability of web host.

Mention below is some of the guidelines which will assist user to end his/her search on a right choice:

Guideline no.1

One should ensure that the hosting company is to whom he/she is going deal with should have there own web site displaying about their functions and features. Having own web site can assist clients to quickly receive customer support and to know about the availability of domain. Possessing his/her own web site for as company is must.

In addition to it, one should also ensure about the availability of company’s site on the internet. If it is not available frequently one should search for another host.

Guideline no.2

After that one should enquire about company’s experience in this sector. The concern company must have at least one year’s experience. An inexperience host will do nothing but try new and difference concepts on user’s web site, which can adversely affect his/her business. User should enquire about them via their web site. If they hide the information regarding their experience then one should forget about them.

Guideline no.3

A user should also refer the testimonials containing client’s reviews. One can directly ask them via phone or e-mail. If they approve the concern host one can go with them. When user does not find any form of testimonials regarding reviews he/she should immediately quit the web site.

Guideline no. 4

What is their responsive time? One can confirm it by putting some fake questions and wait for their response. If the user is not getting response in 1 to 2 days he/she should throw that option away.

Guideline no. 5

What are their charges to provide the service? Charges should be nominal including all the features required by the user. These features includes proper monthly transfer, email addresses, MySQL databases, CGI bin, FTP access, and control panel. High amount of charges cannot assure excellent services. One should keep it in mind.

Guideline no.6

The route of providing payment to the host should be in a secure way. One should not disclose his/her credit card details while making payment. Payment methods such as paypal and egold can be effective. While dealing in a country where one cannot easily use credit card it is better to go for a host to whom one can pay in his/her local currency. This will also provides relief to the user from the problems related to renewing of domain and hosting accounts.

Guideline no.7

One should deal with a web host who provides full day online access to his/her account. Due to it, one will have full command over his/her domain and web site and can even change his/her name servers (DNS) as per requirement.

Guideline no. 8

Going with a web host providing additional features like web design, website promotion, search engine submission and website management. Such services can be very fruitful from future prospects as there is no certainty about future.

Guideline no. 9

Prior to dealing to a company one should remain aware about their terms and conditions. If there is any term which is not clear to the user he/she has the right to ask the company for clarification.

Guideline no. 10

At the end, certainly the whole process is not only a daunting one but also time consuming. But the time denoted to whole process is definitely worth it

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Ways to Get a Dependable Web Host

On December 28, 2009, in Web Hosting, by entmind

If one’s new website is all set to upload, the next desirable thing for him/her is a web host. Conceivably he/she already possesses a web host, but uptime and support are lacking. With several scattering web hosts all around how can the users choose an ideal one? One should be aware of what can go wrong and what to look out for, and investigate prospective web hosts cautiously.

Mistake, which may appear with web hosting

Excessive downtime:

It is inevitable that problems arise in the course of time happen, but even in the condition in which they don’t appear server maintenance results in a minimal amount of downtime. One can not only hope a dependable web host for well maintenance of his/her servers, but also expect monitoring the servers and fixing of problems immediately. With the type of web host one want to avoid, however, his/her site may be down for days.

Features that cannot be put in use:

Once the email of the user doesn’t work, his/her business shuts down. Problems related to databases and other features can also deliberate down or stop his/her business. Such problems are taken into consideration by several web hosts, but a few don’t concern to give high priority on keeping not only the user’s site online but everything working as well.

Ghastic support:

The response time taken by the dependable web hosts to answer tech support questions is utmost a single hour. Other web hosts, however, have been recognized to take several days to give response. And when those responses come, often they’re canned responses that don’t deal with the issue.

Poor communication:

If proper level communication skills are present, it supports people to restrict problems from becoming bigger problems. As told, “Everything looks fine here, so the problem is solved,” promotes irritation. Thus, one’s site can shut down because it has used plenty of resources rather than the web host contacting him/her about the problem first.

Troubles of Billing:

Yet problems persist even after user cancels his/her account. A number of below dependable range web hosts don’t repute their refund policy. Others do not discontinue the automatic billing even after cancellation of account.

Things to watch out for:

One should consider the following as the red flags to warn the user of possible problems that can come on their way.

Untenable pricing:

If the pricing looks to the extent of superb to be true, it perhaps is. Will it be sufficient to pay for server maintenance and tech support? One gets similar what he/she deserve to pay for.

Limitless bandwidth:

There is not anything which is really unlimited in real sense. If one signs up for an account offering limitless bandwidth and then uses a lot of bandwidth, anticipating having the plug pulled on his/her site. The web host may locate further excuse for discontinuing his/her account, but “unlimited” classically represent that “as long as you don’t use a lot.”

A website with unprofessional look:

The user foremost consider how much effort the web host is putting in providing a usable website along with informative content. Does it really mean that user has got full confidence in the web host, or is it overwhelmed of unsubstantiated statements and grammar and spelling mistakes? A web host doesn’t require being a specialist in spelling insertion, of course. But if the company hasn’t advertise much enough to the user about their services, will they be meticulous about matching the clients’ requirements?

Way to research web hosts:

It is quite easy to look out for web hosts. Search engines can be one of the ways to went on the websites of thousands of web hosts. But short listening after going through features and price, how can the customer look out which web hosts are reliable?

Interpret particulars of web host package and TOS:

If the host provider is offering hosting packages with huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth for quite cheap prices, that means something is fishy around. One should not expect that company to be well equipped with enough money for maintenance and support.

If one wants to be sure that he/she can get a refund if he/she want one, should ensure what the Terms of Service (TOS) signify about refunds.

One should examine the web host forum:

User should be aware about the questions like, what is the ambience in the forum. Are clients’ questions answered satisfactorily? The user should not be anxious on seeing a problem but in the condition when they don’t. It is quite common that, some web hosts remove posts that don’t demonstrate their company in a positive light. But if posts about problems stay in the forum, the user can easily monitor the way the host use to tackle the problem.

User should examine web host reviews:

There is no lack of cases in which, client feedback at the web host’s site perhaps may or may not be legal. One could not ignore the possibility of manufacturing of feedback and tracing it from other sites. The user should inquire about that via different web sites.

There are several forums which permits people to post their web host reviews. While reading the reviews, one should deem the poster’s credibility. A few people knock their hosts just because of the reason that they’re unhappy about somewhat. If the host posts in response to a problem, the user should inquire the way host tries to resolve it.

Inquire about the background of the company:

The page which displays the points like “About Us” or “Company Background” should disclose the answer of following questions.

1.) The experience of the company in this sector. A new company perhaps is excellent, but it’s good to keep in mind that an ample of businesses fails within the first year.

2.) Does the company use to publish a privacy policy? And does this policy clearly protect clients’ privacy?

3.) Where are the servers located? Ideally, they should be in a datacenter, and not in someone’s basement.

4.) About the server uptime statistics? If the web host doesn’t publish a link to a server uptime monitor, one should ask for a link to one. Uptime of about 99.7 percent or higher is usually considered good.

5.) Does the company publish an address? The user perhaps should not be in the need of it, but when he/she placing his/her company website in another company’s hands, it is his/her right to know that the company is legal and handy.

Email pre-sales queries

Response to user’s pre-sales questions will tell more than enough about the web host. One can easily judge how fast the company responds and about their communication efficiency. One can ask questions about any of the above points as well as questions precise to his/her requirements.

There is no doubt, that, Finding a dependable web host spends time, but dealing with problems and moving one’s site rather takes more amount of time. The time spent searching for a reliable web host is a worthwhile investment.

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