With the ease and low cost of electronic communication, some CPA practitioners question the value of continuing to send paper newsletters. Paper newsletters serve some functions that electronic communications can’t, and that makes them valuable as a way to grow your CPA practice.

A customized newsletter that is sent to all your clients and prospects can be a very powerful tool to increase client retention, cross sell other services and obtain referrals. They still prefer paper to electronic communications; the paper newsletter will give them that “valued customer” feeling.

Done well, a newsletter can help to position you as an expert. The newsletter is an opportunity to reinforce your central marketing message. And depending on how often you issue the newsletter, it immediately increases your number of contacts or touches per year to help you retain clients. In addition, if your newsletter is interesting and attractive, it might find its way into the hands of potential clients you haven’t even identified yet.

What should go in your newsletter? Be sure to include timely issues based on the date that issue will come out (still time to make charitable contributions for this tax year, etc.) But also be sure you’re filling the newsletters with material that will be of interest to your clients. It doesn’t have to be 100% related to your services-if there’s a trade show or conference coming to a nearby city that will interest a large number of your clients and prospects, why not include some information about it in your newsletter?

Also, when brainstorming for content, take a quick inventory of your expertise. Have you had unusual clients, who have familiarized you with a particular niche of clientele? Have you pursued continuing education in a particular area? Do you have personal knowledge-say, from a previous career or a hobby-that might be of interest to your clients? Something new, fresh, and interesting can help keep readers from setting the newsletter aside without reading it.

Here are the subsections of my newsletter:

• Welcome & main article
• New tax laws or a tax reduction strategy
• Client feedback / testimonial
• Ask for referral or cross sell other services
• Humor / jokes / short interesting articles on a variety of topics
• Q & A

As far as getting the newsletter into print goes, the skills you need are relatively easy to acquire. If you have an administrative assistant, that person should either have or develop these skills. They’re valuable not only for newsletters but for other printed materials you might want to use to promote your practice from time to time.

If you’ve never done this kind of marketing before, you might want to start with a quarterly newsletter and later shift to monthly. As time goes on, you’ll start thinking of ideas for the newsletter without even trying. Also pay attention to newsletters you receive. Which ones do you read? Which ones do you toss without a second glance? Paying attention to your own reading habits can help you think about ways to make your own newsletter a keeper.

A customized newsletter that is sent to all your clients and prospects can be a very powerful tool to increase client retention, cross sell other services and obtain referrals.

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The single biggest complaint that small business owners have about their accountants is “My CPA doesn’t stay in touch with me.” That is by far the biggest reason why a client will change their CPA…..because the CPA does not stay in touch with his or her client.

So, if you want to retain your clients, a keystone of your client retention system will be a regular program that makes sure you keep in regular touch with each client. Don’t wait for them to get in touch: be proactive and be in touch often.

An Ezine is a great way to increase your client touches. What is an Ezine? It’s a short email you send to your list weekly, semi-weekly or monthly that contains information that you feel will be useful to them. Mine goes out weekly and I use a program called “Constant Contact.” The program costs less than a couple of hundred dollars for the year, but with a weekly Ezine you now have 52 client touches a year (multiplied by the number of clients on your list).

Your Ezine list can (and certainly should) also help you with converting prospects into clients. Sometimes it will happen that I will meet with a business owner and they are not ready to come aboard for one reason or another when I meet with them. I just put them on my Ezine and they will receive something from me on a weekly basis. I can assure you their existing CPA is not keeping in touch with them (this is one of the most common complaints clients have about their CPAs). This simple act of sending them snippets of information can convert a prospect into a client.

When putting your Ezine together, keep in mind a couple of simple principles that will make sense if you think about the Ezine from the client’s (or prospect’s) point of view.

• Focus on practical information the reader can use. (Don’t worry about selling yourself-you’re doing that by giving good information and building goodwill.)

• Keep it short, especially if you’re sending weekly.

• Be as timely as you can-if a new tax law is announced, try to hit that in your Ezine as quickly as you can. This builds confidence in your services.

• Be sure you have a system in place to be responsive if people write back after they’ve received an Ezine, and respond quickly.

Keeping your Ezine easy to read and full of good information will give real value added to everyone on your client and prospect list, while only costing you the work of writing a single email each week.

Of course, in the course of a week you have a lot of other things to do, so here’s a way to get started on a weekly Ezine. Make a list of general tips and points of information you think many of your clients could use; add to that list the questions you’re asked most often. You probably just generated at least a few months’ worth of weekly topics. Set aside an hour or two of your marketing time to write these up. Once you have a “stockpile” of Ezines, you don’t have to write one a week. But what you do have to do is keep an eye out for newsworthy topics-and write a new Ezine when something comes up. Also be sure to start writing down ideas for Ezine topics whenever one occurs to you.

An Ezine is a very simple and effective way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Once you start, it won’t be long before this method of keeping in touch with your clients will become routine and you’ll start to see real effects in client retention and recruitment.

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Having a list building technique is synonymous with success for any website or internet based business. List building is used to collect information from visitors so that future contact can be made. In some cases the individual or business may want to send a newsletter or some other follow up type correspondence. By having this contact information the company can send marketing attempts to try and generate further revenue. This comes in especially handy when traffic is down or sales are following a flat line pattern.

There are a number of ways to collect contact information for websites. There are squeeze pages, sign up pages and other techniques that fall under the list building campaigns. For more details www.mailing-list-gold.com  Some sites come right out and ask for the visitors email, physical address or other personal contact information, while others attempt to gain the information a little more sneaky. Most advertising advocates boast that whichever method works is the one that should be used! If a squeeze page is used, then it should be very specific and work appropriately.

Any list building technique should work and have at least half of the visitors leaving their information. If half are not leaving their information, the site owner should consider employing a different technique. Testing and tracking the results of any type of marketing is always suggested to ensure that it works appropriately and is worth the money spent. If the program is failing it should be removed at once and replaced with a more effective list building strategy.

How Do I Build My List in Under 30 Days?

List building is something that does not happen overnight, however with a few solid marketing methods and some hard work you can have a big list in just 30 days. One of the most common questions I get asked is how do I build my list? Many people are aware that they need to build a responsive list, but just do not know how to do it quickly.

To build a list of buyers you have to market to the correct crowd. I have two main marketing methods that I use which bring me consistent, targeted traffic which I can turn into buyers.

My first tip for list building is article marketing. Whether you like it or not, nothing builds a targeted list quite like article marketing. See most people think that you have to write a great among of articles to build a list, which is just not true. For more details www.build-own-list.com  I have had several of my articles get me tons of traffic! If you write 20 well researched articles each month in a niche that is not overcrowded you can build a list of buyers fast.

The other method I use is Google AdWords. Adwords is great for building a list, because you can test a page instantly to see if it is going to bring you profits long term. When people ask how do I build, I always tell them to use Google AdWords as a part of your campaign.


List building is crucial, but it is also important that you stay in touch with your list in order to build a responsive list of buyers. If you are building but not providing value to your list of customers then you need to start trying to build better relationships with your list.

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