10 tips to better blogging!

On August 2, 2009, in Blogging, by entmind

Blogging has become a very competitive field with tens of thousands of people and companies putting up new stories and new posts every day. Therefore if you’re blogging and you want it to stand out you’ve got to do a few things right and a few things a little bit special to engage with your audience and make your blog a success.

1. Make your articles helpful at all times. The whole reason people read blogs is to learn something new or to gain an insight into something so if you want people to enjoy your blog and keep coming back then you should try and offer them what they want!

2. Try and have a theme or story running through your pieces, that way people who come back will feel at home and be able to just pick up the site and keep reading.

3. Keep it relatively simple, if you’re post is too complicated then the reader can easily get lost in the article and find it hard to keep up! So, make sure the post has a clear structure, using sub titles and bullet points so that the reader can stay interested with your post.

4. Don’t rush into a post! If you sit down and just write things as they come out of your head you won’t get the best results and might just write a bunch of rambling words!

5. Be nice! It’s so easy to get isolated on your keyboard and forget that people reading the article will take what you say very personally! So, after each post just check over it and make sure it’s pleasant all the way through!

6. It is a bit of a cliché but content is king so be sure to post up regularly and keep your following satisfied with plenty of posts.

7. Write in an engaging way so that people will want to keep reading your article and then maybe they’ll come back again and again – giving you repeat views and getting those traffic figures up!

8. Keep your articles short and to the point, there are a lot of sites all vying for attention so make sure that the article style is to the point and focused. Plus remember that people look at a lot of every sites every day so if your article is too long, they’ll just go somewhere else.

Other things!
9. Use emerging social media markets and existing ones to spread your message. That means getting a twitter account and posting regularly, making a facebook page and publishing a newsletter – stuff that can be a little dull and outside your comfort zone but is important none the less.
10. Don’t spend money on your blog until you’ve started making money – otherwise you’re investing in something that might not pay off. Take your time, wait to see if things happen, and if they do then you can invest to gain more!

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