The Madonna Approach to SEM

On January 4, 2010, in SEM, by entmind

What in the world does Madonna have to do with Search Engine Marketing? Well, at first glance, probably not much. Stay with me for a few moments, and I think the analogy will become clear.

For those new to marketing websites, the amount of information out there on SEO, SEM and the like can be quite overwhelming. How can you possibly keep up with all of it or know who to listen to?

Well, in my own experience, I tried to do as much research as possible on the so-called proven tactics, as well as the trends of the day. I decided to try to do all of the grunt work myself. I wanted to try as many of the different techniques I had seen without spending any cash! I know, it sounds extremely naïve, but I felt that if I could at least try to implement these strategies and get a feel for what works, I’d have a better idea as to whether I needed help or not!

Thus far, those strategies seem to paying off extremely well for me.

So, back to the whole Madonna approach. It’s my number one piece of advice to anyone just starting their site. Madonna’s career and success have been based on her ability to constantly re-invent herself and her image. She is constantly marketing that new image and “new content.” Things seem to be going fairly well for her, so I think it’s a viable strategy to implement with your site.

Now, in the world of the internet marketing, your best bet is Search Engine Results Page/Positioning (SERP) or in English, getting your site to show up immediately when a potential customer searches for keywords that relate to your product.

So, to apply the Madonna approach here is quite simple. You must constantly be “re-inventing” your site to entice the mighty spiders of the search engines to come to your site and come back often. If you keep on top of this, it really won’t be a huge task. All you’ve got to do is be committed to making your site the best it can be. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true. All that you do to entice the spiders to come index are the same things that will bring your customers and visitors back time and time again. Content really is king.

Make a simple goal and find new ways of fulfilling it. Maybe you’ll plan to add one new page of content a week. Maybe you’ll add new features to it once a month. And, obviously, you should constantly be updating any “News or Time Specific” information.

Of course there are many other methods to SEM, but try implementing my Madonna approach and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your rankings in those search results.

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Webmasters Should be Legal in Approach

On December 27, 2009, in Webmaster, by entmind

Webmasters are those who have websites of their own, and are also promoting it in various ways. A lot of techniques need to be applied while you a Webmaster, so that traffic will increase to the site. There are tools available by search engines, which can be used to enhance the site. When this is done, the site will be promoted in better ways.

Webmasters have their own association and everyone is welcome from all over the world. Besides search engine optimization, there will also be the need to know how you can submit the content of the site to various directories etc. This will go a long way in promotion of the site. The functionality of the site has to be understood by webmasters.

So you will only be a Webmaster when you have understood all aspects about presenting a site as well as marketing it. However many webmasters are known to create sites so that they can sell products or offer services. Many of them are very clever at this trade, and will use a lot of shortcuts to get money. Many of the methods may be illegal as well.

Within the association, they will be asked not to indulge in any such methods. This would be known as scam, as they would trick some users into paying money for something they do not offer. Search engines will use web crawlers and index the site initially, and this will take a few weeks. Webmasters can make their sites better by having some links that are related to the site.

They should keep it unique when it comes to content as well. This is the way that one’s traffic will increase. The design of the site webmasters use must be simple, so that it can easily be found by search engines.

Conclusion is that, to build a useful website for user, not solely build for search engine only.

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