Blogging is all about roaring to the world and telling them what is on your mind! No but seriously, at its simplest, blogging is about giving voice to your opinion to an online audience. But that’s not all that blogging is and why it is phenomenally successful. Blogging for example can be about making money too if that is your inclination, and it is indeed the route that a lot of successful marketers have embraced.

The word blog originates from the amalgamation or joining of the two words web & log which were then abbreviated to form the single word blog! A log is a type of diary most perhaps commonly kept by Sea Captains (or in the future space captains such as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk). The owner or author of the log writes down events and occurrences that they have experienced; this can be on a daily basis or less frequently.

So in answer to the query “what is blogging,” simply put, blogging is the activity of updating an online diary known as a blog which is a mobile website. The expression mobile website in this context refers to the way in which a blog’s homepage changes regularly as newer articles (posts) supersede older ones. This fashion of a constantly changing home page is in direct contrast to the homepage of a traditional or static website that characteristically remains unchanged; hence the name static website.

There are several different blog platforms (a subject which I shall delve into in more detail later on) but whatever the blog platform type there are certain attributes that are common to all. Such attributes or characteristics include the following:

A. ARTICLES. Blogs typically consist of a main central area of content comprised of articles (also referred to as posts). These articles are listed in chronological order with the most recent article residing topmost of the blog. Each article is characterized with a title element which is then followed by body text that has contextual relevance to the post or article heading.

B. ARCHIVES. No matter the type of blog or blogging platform, another consistent element or characteristic of all blogs is the existence of an archive. A blog archive is that region or place where older articles (posts) are stored thereby making them easily accessible to visitors who wish to peruse those older articles that are no longer visible on the homepage of the blog. Having an archive makes natural sense otherwise on a blog that is updated daily the soon enough the homepage of the blog would literally extend forever.

C. COMMENTS & COMMENTING. Perhaps the most striking difference between blogs and traditional (static) websites is that blogs allow visitors to interact in a manner that is generally not possible on a static (traditional) web site. Such visitor interactivity typically takes the form of comments left by visitors in response to or with respect to a particular post (article). This feature alone makes blogs appear more trustworthy and credible to the average person.

Perhaps the biggest attraction to blogs and probably the single most responsible reason for their phenomenal success is the fact that they are just ever so easy to manage. With traditional websites unless you have web-mastering skills and have a decent command of code or markup language by necessity you’ll need to rely on a webmaster to update and manage your blog. Such an arrangement is both tedious and expensive. With a blog though you don’t have that problem; as long as you can type then you can blog! The simple fact of it is blogging is no more difficult than emailing.

E. BLOGS RISE UP THE SEARCH ENGINES RAPIDLY. When you think about it, whether one is in the business of trying to make money online or not, the fact remains that every website owner has one thing in common with the next. And that is, they are all looking for an audience! In other words, no matter the topic of your website, be it about expensive classic cars or whether it is merely an online venue for you to rant, you need and want visitors otherwise there would be little point in you maintaining an online presence. Blogs, luckily, make it that much easier for anybody to quickly and easily acquire their very own online audience.


Because blogs get indexed extremely rapidly by the search engines and for some reason or other (probably the fact that the homepage is dynamic and changes on a regular basis) they tend to rise much faster up the search engines than the average traditional website. The rapid rise of a blog up the search engines means that the owner of such a blog would outpace older and better established static websites and would rank well for the high traffic volume keywords sooner than later!

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