Are SEO and SMO complementary to each other

On January 4, 2010, in SMO, by entmind

As the SEO market is becoming competitive day-by-day, new techniques and strategies are greatly needed. SMO is definitely not a part of SEO but surely is a step ahead in the internet marketing business. According to market analysts, SMO is here to stay- all that it needs are formal and well designed guidelines. Currently most internet marketers are blindly following the trend and opting for SMO without paying any heed to appropriate concrete planning. However it is definite that SMO is most likely to bring in a positive and rewarding change in the internet marketing avenue in the near future.

Both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO) are traffic boosters. While SEO boosts traffic through “search engines”, SMO does so through “search media”. While the two seem to be similar, they each have their own importance and significance. However following various surveys and assessments conducted in the past, when put on comparative scales, SEO has more potential than SMO. Numerous measures and variables were employed during analyzing the results and benefits of the two processes. We are presenting few of the measures used in the analysis:

Re-visitor’s rate: This gives figures of visitors who browse the website repeatedly. This is a measure of reliable visitors who are better recognised as prospective customers.
Time spent by visitor on the website: This is a measure of the visitor’s interest in the website’s content. The logic behind this being, the more time a visitor spends on a website, more are the chances of likeability.
Visitor’s Bounce rate: This is a measure of visitors who exit the website without exploring it. Higher the bounce rate, lesser is the traffic generation.

Even though both SEO and SMO justify and stand up to their importance in the internet marketing business, the result of the above mentioned measures reveal that SEO definitely outshines SMO.

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