Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It’s no secret that everyone with a website, blog page, product or service wants to have their site rank well in search engines, especially with Google.  Not only can Google send you an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic, it’s proving to be one of the best ways to drive business.

With thousands of your direct competitors all brawling and battling for top rank, it creates an environment of fear and that your only one re-calculated daily update away from losing your top rank spot and that’s if you’re keywords managed to even rank.  In reality, you would have to be a pretty established highly rated authorized site to even see continues traffic from Google and even that’s an up and down ladder.

There is a consistent challenge of smaller businesses to getting a measure of web presence.  With the cost of pay per clicks (PPC) campaigns on the rise, you will need to have a pretty hefty marketing budget to get a decent rank with sites like Google.  And let’s not mention having a trusted domain.  Newer domain names are also on the rise and Google favors the seasoned site owners.

Search marketing is really reserved for the big business. But could there be a legitimate way to still rank for keywords for limitless amounts of traffic?  In fact, there is a way.  What may be even more surprising is it is not with Google.  The new up and coming search master is on

Now you may be thinking that MSN doesn’t have nearly the reach as Google does.  But, is does receive multiple millions of search users daily.  They are also a default homepage for Internet Explorer.  With that being said, who have been around longer?

Now, you can occupy spots #1-5 on the first page of most targeted keywords on MSN?  Or you can occupy spot #50 or higher 5-7 pages down on Google?  Why fight to just get on the team with Google when you can be a starting player on MSN.

Now your probably asking how does all this work?  Start by watching this video to find out more:

Know that Google is not the only player on the net.  Why not focus on something that you can actually WIN with, and win big! 

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