With the advancement of technology we not only communicate talking through mobile phone but also continue through video chat in different ways. Video chat and video conference have made our communication more reliable and flexible. For many years, different kinds of companies have been giving some free services to transfer mail. Now the technology is more advanced compared to the before and we are capable to make voice chat to communicate with others. Yahoo messenger is one of the popular software which is the product of the Yahoo. Now, it is not only limited with its instant messaging service but also extended to the service of video chatting.

Now day’s people prefer to communicate with video chat service using yahoo messenger. Through this video chat service, you can see the video of your online companion along with the voice. Yahoo gives this service fully free and it is the most popular service. To get this service you have to follow some steps sequentially.

For the entrance in the chat room first you have to search by “Yahoo! Chat” with the menu of the Yahoo messenger. You have to select an area which will be converged for joining in a current active room that is full by the chatters. First you have to enable the Yahoo!-Messenger voice-chat.  When you enable the voice chat and then you will be able to talk with the other users of the Yahoo! Messenger in chat rooms.

To activate the Yahoo! Messenger, you must have tools and an account in the Yahoo!.  Microphone and handset are the first two components for making the voice chat. You have to connect your microphone with your computer. Any user of Yahoo, who wants to make this video chat, must have these two tools.

Observe the presence of the voice chatters in chat room. You can count the number of chatters from the number which is positioned after the symbol “V”.

You are now prepared to enter the chat room. For entering the room you have to make double click on the chat room option. Initiate your voice chat and then you should go to the top of window and click on Voice icon for beginning voice chat through Yahoo Messenger.

When you complete all the steps then you can start video chatting. For starting you should click the green colored option named “Talk”. The button should be hold down at the time of speaking and should be released when done. When the user of voice chat says anything you will be able to hear through your headset.

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