There are few things more important than knowing how to manage your password settings in Yahoo. If you want to change your password, here are the things that you will have to think over and go through.

If you want to change your password in Yahoo or have forgotten it, the first step is to go online. Once there, go to the Yahoo homepage. After the page has finished loading, click the link “forgot your ID or password?” You will be presented with a series of dialog boxes used to determine that you are the owner of this account.

Before you can change your password in Yahoo, you need to input your name in the box with the words “do you know your Yahoo ID?” Enter the name you have given. Next copy the code that is in the other box (this is the one wherein the letters and / or numbers appear twisted).

After you have entered the appropriate information, there are still a few questions you need to answer before you can change your password in Yahoo. This includes the personal question. You would have answered this when you first made the account, so it is important that you remember it. After giving the correct answer, your old password will appear. Now you can change it.

On the other hand, if you just want to change your password in Yahoo even if you have not forgotten it, the process is much easier. You just go to the Yahoo homepage, go to the options link and click “change password”. Type your current password and in the appropriate box input the new one. Click save and it will take effect immediately.

There are a few things that you need to consider when you decide to change your password in Yahoo. The first is to select one that is not easy to hack. Yahoo can generate random passwords based on the username you gave, but if you want to use one for yourself, use a combination of letters and numbers.

One of the drawbacks with using complex passwords though, is that they can be easy to forget. One strategy you can use is to write the password you are using in a word processing software or even Windows Notepad. Or you can just use an ordinary scratch paper. One of the advantages of using a “real” paper as opposed to a virtual one is that you do not have to worry about losing the password when the hard disk crashes.

If you want to change your password in Yahoo, it is also important that you get a new one, and not something that you have used, or is using in another site. The reason you will want to do this is that if your passwords are identical, it will become easier to hack and break into.

The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized; you only need to read the news or go over tech oriented websites and read how often hackers try to break into online accounts and steal personal info.

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