One Way Link Building: What and Why Explained

On January 2, 2010, in SEO, by entmind

One way linking is a link building method. One way links are also called “incoming links” or “inbound links” because of the fact that these are links to your site which in return don’t receive a link from your site. One way link building is a very good way to improve a site’s link popularity and ranking.

One way links are a good source to increase a site’s link popularity-i.e.: the number of pages linking to a site. Search engines like yahoo and Google place importance on the link popularity while ranking a site. One way link building is sure shot method of increasing traffic on your site. They also improve the ROI and increase the rankings.


– Directory links, listed under the category related to the site’s topic.

– Write articles and submit them to newsletters which are then archived online

– Publish articles on your site and invite other sites to publish them on their sites, with a link to you.

– Getting listen in business directories

– Posting eBooks and white papers that contain links to your site

– Buy ads in newsletters on your topic which are archived online

– Create a blog and get it listed in blog directories

– Free software tools provided with required link back to website

– Free software tools  with  a required link back to your website

Research and Quality links lead to Success

One way link building requires determination to achieve good link popularity, hard work and a long term agenda. This process improves your chances to get a good quality natural links .you should spend a fixed amount of time every period to obtain quality one way links. One can safely build links to obtain aimed link popularity by using this long term plan.

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