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On December 27, 2009, in SEO, by entmind

Link building is often termed as fishing which is logically correct in many respects. Just like a fisherman first hunt for a place where fishes are gathered and then tries to get their attention through bait. Same is the case with link building, in which one has to look from where heavy online traffic can be gathered and then comes the introduction of link bait in order to get the attention of the targeted visitors.

After the introduction of the bait, what you can all do is to wait for the bite. In the context of SEO, this process is called as Link Building. Link building can be done if you hunt for small and low-value links but it is of no use. Always go for high-value and trusted links that adds more trust and power to your website; hence giving your site better search engine rankings.

Link building is the most important factor in the success of a website and is often considered to be the most challenging as well. Remember; link building itself is not a challenge; link building using trusted link is a real challenge but it is a worth time spending task. So don’t hesitate in spending your time and efforts in building trusted links. There are various tricks or strategies that should be used by the webmasters for better link building. Although it should be noted that there are no particular tips and tricks for better link building practices. These usually depend upon the nature of the site and the targeted audience. If you ask ten webmasters about link building techniques, you might get ten different tips or tricks. All of them might be useful for your site or none of them might be useful for you. 

Some Useful Link Building Tips & Practices:

Without any doubt, efficient link building strategies helps in improving site rankings and popularity amongst search engines. Following are some of the tips that you can use for better link building:

· Try to Get One Way Links: Considered to be the most difficult type of link to be achieved; one way link building, if achieved, can be used as your main weapon. In one way links, you have to strive a lot because you are not returning any link to the site that links to you. So to get this sort of one way trusted links, the content of your website has to be too good. There are several ways of obtaining one way links. Some of the most common ways of obtaining one way links are

·  Blogs: Try getting knowledgeable bloggers that can write about your website. Bloggers may link back to your site when required. Always keep in touch with the bloggers that write about you or your site. Try to make blogs as an integral part of your website.

· Press Releases: In order to make your website more visible to the online world, distribute your own news through various online press release services. But, for that you must have something that others don’t have. Your news should be worth releasing. Online press releases can generate and direct unbelievable traffic towards your site and eventually it helps in better ranking too.

· Bookmarking: Try to get your site named in various sites that rank other sites. This is one of the ways of introducing yourself or making audience familiar about your website. 

· Videos: One of the easiest ways of one way linking is to post your own videos that link to your site.

· Directory Submission: Quality directories help in getting quality links. Today, there are thousands of web directories available today, but you should always select the one that worth it.

· Viral Link Building: This is also sometimes called as link baiting in which you attract users with the help of unique and excellent site contents. This can be achieved through feedbacks, comments, blogs etc.

· Reciprocal Link Building: Although not so common today; reciprocal link building, if done responsibly, can result in better Search Engine Optimization by linking to sites of similar themes.

These were some of the most common link building practices that can be used by almost all sites of any nature. Link building is one of the most integral parts of SEO effort. It should always be done with care and in accordance with the contents of the website. The more you spend time in better and trusted link building, the more successful you will be in your search engine rankings.

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