Link building is arguably the best way of achieving a high ranking website. In today’s world, when web surfers don’t pay attention to banners or navigation bars which is evident through the pathetic conversion rate, contextual ads are the only option to make things noticed.

What contextual link and link building is all about?

Link popularity is important for your websites and contextual link building is a simple way to uplift the popularity to the required standard. Since keywords are considered to be the lifeblood of search engine optimization, so, there is nothing to emphasize the importance of promoting them. That’s exactly the point where contextual link building comes into play.

Through contextual link building, certain articles are written by bloggers around specific keywords relevant to your sites or products. Different blogs and websites with Unique IPs display these articles and help you to promote your site and product. Since these blogs are relevant in context to your site, so, the links are usually referred as contextual links.

In simple words, you need advertising to make your online business prolific and the best form of advertising is the one which doesn’t seem like advertising. That’s contextual link building for you, i.e. a natural form of advertising which never looks like a blogger is promoting something.

The importance of contextual link building:

Much of the web’s success is driven by contextual links because they provide the base for interconnectedness. Assiduous SEO companies contact bloggers or niche writers and offer them some incentives to write some good stuff about your products or site and then post each article on a different blog which may already be well-promoted. Since these articles and contextual links are rated as unbiased third party votes by web spiders, they work wonderfully well to soar your search ranking by providing quality backlinks.

Sometimes, the network of blogs is maintained by professional SEO companies to provide their customers with quality backlinks along with providing several other benefits. For instance, here are some other points accentuating the fact that contextual link building done by professional SEO companies should be considered.

•    It is a fact that some pages at your website will not be ranked as high as others because of the absence of more inbound links. By making use of internal contextual links, you can increase the ranking of other pages at your website by linking them to the pages having more inbound links. This is a good strategy that can help you to strengthen the weaker pages.

•    Usability of a site can get affected by the right use of contextual links. By adding links to the content of your page, you can inspire visitors to check other pages at your site. It is an effective strategy and backed by usability studies where it is mentioned that people prefer clicking links in the content rather than clicking them in the navigation bar.

•    Contextual link building should be considered because it uses quality content and natural one-way links to attract web spiders which ultimately creates positive impacts on search ranking.

•    Contextual links promise great results because of the human touch involved in blog reviews and links. Also, the blogs posting reviews about your site are already in good books of web spider which helps you create terrific impact on your ranking.

•    Contextual link building should be considered because it is one of the most cost effective way to get quality inbound links.

To achieve high ranking, search engine optimization offers several strategies and contextual link building is one amongst the best if of course used properly.

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