Adding Some New Techniques to Your Link Building Strategy

On December 28, 2009, in SEO, by entmind

Your link building strategy is an essential part of your SEO campaign as it helps to drive traffic to your website. If done properly and consistently, link building can reap ongoing results for your website in the form of increasing potential traffic. Link building strategy also help to get your website rank high in search engines.

There are several traditional and modern methods of link building. Though all those traditional methods are not obsolete these days, the changing algorithms of search engines have changed their priorities. Hence, you need to shape up your link building strategy according to the recent search engine norms to bit your competition online and enhance your online presence.

Understand Your Marketplace

Your link building strategy should not be a process limited to creating links from different sites; rather, there are several other critical efforts that you need to take care of prior to link building. When you are in a particular business, you need to investigate your market and know your audience. Develop your link building strategy by creating links from the sites where your potential customers are more frequent. An effective link building strategy is not about securing links form sites with high PageRank, but it is about getting links from the sites that your potential customer use regularly to get their required information. Build a list of such sites by analyzing your competitors and try to build links on a regular basis by providing new content and updated information.

Link Out

Link to the relevant and information rich content from your site or your blog post; you can also post comments on their blogs. It is a smart way of driving attention of other sites to your site. If you are doing research to develop your blog or articles, you can refer to other trusted and well known blogger and link to them from your blogs. If they like your blog and write about it you can get a recommendation and approval from a high profile site.

Create a WordPress Blog

Creating blogs in WordPress and linking back to your website is another smart way of getting links as well as visitors. This link building strategy can bring you numerous quality links if done properly. Apart from links the WordPress blogs are a great way to increase your search engine rankings.

Creating Mini-Blogs and Linking It to Main Blog of Your Website

Writing short blogs in the social media sites and linking them to you main blogs for reference create another way of getting backlinks. Of late, the search engines are giving importance to links from the social media sites and the links from your mini blogs form a smart link building strategy.

The conventional link building strategies such as directory submission, article submission are still in use. But they are no more considered as effective. On the other hand new link building strategies of social media networking and blogging are the prevailing trend of link building. But, if you include the above discussed techniques into your link building strategy you can secure quality links for your site.

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