Take a breath and stop spamming!

On December 9, 2009, in News, Webmaster, by entmind

Spam, Now with Real Bacon!
Seriously, I’ve had just about enough with all these spam emails, links and comments on my blogs/sites/email accounts, it’s just useless, 90% of the people don’t even fall for spam anymore, the whole spam trend took a wrong turn and developed into one of the most used black hat techniques ever! The problem is that spamming was intended for emails only but when it comes to blogs/forums it gets annoying because controlling a blog/forum is much more easier since there is alot more control over the whole platform with tons of plugins/add-ons that you can use to prevent spammers from invading your quality controlled content zone (yes, that’s my word).

Now, I don’t hope to start a whole revolution with just one post but atleast I’m taking the time to say what everyone is thinking in much more simpler words then others choose, you may have heard big time SEOs praeching about how spamming can be a good thing but think about it, if you think a trick/tactic wouldn’t even work on you then how the hell would it work on someone else, Practice what you preach!

Automated Spamming Softwares

I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic for a year now because I was experimenting with alot of blackhat tools and I was waiting to get enough info and insight to actually talk about this topic.

First of all, most of the blackhat softwares out there are not to spam but to help you get more powerful social network accounts and the spamming part is on the user itself, if the user chooses to take the high road and use it wisely it becomes very very valuable but if the user has no sense of business it ends up with a few thousand people spammed over night…

And most of those sense-less users end up making real spamming softwares that are automated and they do things such as posting comments on blogs where they search blogs through a blog-search-engine and then they spam the shit out of that blog by posting comments that don’t make sense but if those comments are approved they get a link out of it through the basic blog cms functions…

In conclusion

Take the high road for once, nothing comes easy, if you work hard enough you’ll get what you deserve, the harder you work the easier it will be in the end when you decide to grow bigger and/or sell the site/business.

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0 Responses to Take a breath and stop spamming!

  1. CB Fortune says:

    Well said Rafiq, i’ve been bombared with spam in my blog. Im just blind in controlling it. do you have any solutions to stop it ?
    Thanks for the post.

  2. CB Fortune says:

    hmm just think about what your saying lol

  3. Webdesign Blog says:

    Just hate spam.

  4. I left the comments open at one of my other blogs and returned a few weeks later to find over 200 comments waiting for approval. Lots of ones that contained stupid jokes along with some link to phama websites.

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