Market Your Way To the Top by What is marketing?
Mark Stevens: Marketing is the most misunderstood work in business; ask 100 people what marketing is, and you’ll get 100 different answers.

It’s true, everyone thinks of marketing in a different way, but not to be cocky or anything but honestly I believe the way I approach marketing is simple , easy and most of all, very very effective. It takes time, no doubt about that, but it works out great in the end.

That article covers alot of aspects of marketing specially for people that don’t know where to start or how to approach that topic, it’s definitely a good read.

In my opinion everyone has their own unique way of marketing or as I say it Commercial and Social Marketing 😀

Explaining your production process to your clients by FreelanceSwitch

For me, this is the funnest part of making a business, actually telling your customers how good the product/service actually is, make it sound interesting, exciting and unique most of all. If you leave an impression of a unique product/service then you’ll start a whole chain reaction of viral independent potential customers spreading the word about you.

Do you do affiliate marketing on your blog? by ProBlogger

I say NO to aff marketing on blogs, it defeats the whole purpose of a blog, I mean you’re supposed to have a blog to spread information, news, articles…etc not turn it into a sales blog where people are always confused if it’s a tip/article or just a sales pitch, it decreases trust between you and your readers, stay away from this at all costs (unless you’re being paid a shit load of money upfront that is)

Are 404 Pages Always Bad for SEO? by SEOmoz

In all my years of SEO (personal and commercial) I have never gave any sort of importance to 404s, honestly I think if you optimize even the crapiest things on your site it starts looking like a cheap factory settings knock off and you start losting your position in SERPs and other traffic areas. Keeping it simple the ol’ fashion way is much easier and better as well.

Wikipedia’s thirst for power – Gray Wolf

In one article you see that people actually do want wiki out of the picture but it’s links are worth alot more then you can imagine, it get’s you a shit load of relevancy points, and the fact that wiki calls itself a web encyclopedia and all that, we all know its a non-profit organization but if you read the next article you’ll see wiki making a move to a place where it could become profitable, the move to take over google news is a bit low in my opinion, if you can get even 20% of google news to go to your site around the clock thats it, you’ve made it now you can make serious money, but I’m sure wiki isn’t doing that for the money (sarcasm) :)

What Does $14 Million Worth of PageRank Look Like? by SEOBook is back after Systemax purchased the brand and domain at bankruptcy auction for $14 million. Systemax also owns and acquired CompUSA last year. was quickly relaunched last week to capitalize on the remaining brand strength and traffic to the website.

That right there is the story of the day for me, now that’s what I call a good investment, even if they can’t get the stores open for offline sales they can still make a really good amount just through online sales. Kudos to Systemax.

Best sites to download very high resolution wallpapers. by Makeuseof

Once in a while, during stressful times, it helps to keep the work load under the overload point if you spruce up your workplace, since 80% of my work is done on my pc, wallpapers help alot calm me down even if it’s only just bit, take a break go check out some soothing wallpapers.

The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More by ZenHabits

Finally, some words of wisdom for the day, this is something I want every young potential entrepreneurs to know, slow down life and enjoy it more whether its work or fun, live everybit of it up. Life passes by fast, it’s important you enjoy everything even the stressful working parts as well.

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    Quality Points, love the must reads and I will be checking back in everyday for more. Keep it up

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