Everyone expects of massive online success as soon as they promote their services and products online but there are few factors that can decide website’s popularity and longevity and needs thorough attention. Among them link popularity is the most important one.

In fact, the moment words link popularity passes through our sound receptors, our brain interprets us what it generally mean, but apart from that vague idea, you must understand few core facts on link popularity if you want to be a leader in search engine marketing.

Link popularity is the number of incoming links from potential partners to your website. More the one way link, more popular will be your website; more popular your website become, higher will be the chances of getting good page rank and good turn-around of Web traffic. Since good PR focuses on quantity and popularity of the links, it can help in attaining good position in search engine result page (SERP). If your website is placed in appreciable position, people easily find you as soon as they enter the Web world, view your services repeatedly and become potential buyers.

People often considers page rank (PR) and link popularity as the synonym of each other but this consideration is nothing more than a misconception because page rank is the software used by the Google to rank a Web page and it is a numeric value that determines the relevancy and importance of a Web page on search engine result page. PR is an important factor that facilitates link popularity because link popularity is determined on the basis of PR. Hence in order to get more link popularity, your website must be good enough to get suitable PR when search engine spiders visit your Web pages once a month (such process is called Googlebot in case of Google search engine).

Link popularity does not mean linking your website to numerous irrelevant website. Links must be developed with potential partners having similar interest like yours and more importance is given to one-way-link or incoming link rather than two-way-link or reciprocal link. In order to be benefited through link building, you must thoroughly check the PR and link popularity status of the approaching websites because if the website has zero PR then you will gain nothing from that link.

Another suggested factor in link building is the text used in links. Make your website links with targeted Keywords. In some other way, articles, forums and blogs posting is few appreciating technique of getting back links but make sure not to spam the process and submit relevant information in articles, blogs and in forums.

Hence, start making your website most desirous among your competitors; work on it, make it informative, content rich and link-worthy so that others may prefer linking to you. Be judgmental on quality than the quantity of the links. If you follow the process sincerely with an utmost desire to success, you will see your website gaining link popularity in each successive day.

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