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You’re constantly trying to think up new ways to be successful, or new business ideas to try out. You’re not happy just getting on with things; you aim for the top and won’t stop until you get there! You’re full of motivation and ambition, which is an essential quality for any entrepreneur to have.

You find out how to do something if you don’t know straight away. You love being challenged and always want to learn new things, whether it’s through workshops, courses, or simply doing research in your own time. If you can learn new things to make you more successful, as well as more confident in business, then even better.

You’re always trying to offer business “advice” to your friends and relatives, even if they don’t want to hear it. You just can’t stop talking about it! It’s on your mind 24/7. You’ll take heed from other entrepreneurs, and will often carry around a notepad and pen just in case you get that spark of inspiration.

You approach risks with a sense of excitement rather than caution. You’re not adverse to risk in your business plan; you know that it’s often by undertaking the most risk that you can reap the most reward. An entrepreneur knows that risk means profit, so as long as you attack it correctly, you can be in line for a huge pay-off.

You look at other businesses and think you could do better. It’s this type of confidence that means you probably will, and all entrepreneurs have to possess it.

You’re always thinking of how you can secure your next investment. Your business plan is at the forefront of your mind, and you always want to tweak it to make it perfect. You know that a good business plan is the key to getting investment, and you want to make sure that you do.

You don’t get upset if one of your ideas doesn’t work out, you pick yourself up and get on with the next one. You understand that business is difficult, and that not everyone makes it all the time, even the most successful of entrepreneurs. It just makes you even more determined to succeed with your next business venture. This type of persistence is essential.

You’ve just read this, and all the points apply to you!

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