Entrepreneur Visas – How To Get It Procedure

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You can get the Singapore Entrepreneur Visa in India, if the Singapore Government approves your application for Entrepass, the nickname for Entrepreneur visas. Once you are granted the entrepass, your company should be incorporated in Singapore within 30 days from the date of an in-principle letter of approval. In cases where your application is unfortunately rejected, you will be under no obligation to set up the business.

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for a Singapore Entrepreneur Visa in India if you are an innovator or an entrepreneur capable of creating global value. The entrepass is a variation of the employment pass designed specifically for foreign entrepreneurs willing to incorporate a business in Singapore. Understand however, that no visa is required to register your company in Singapore. Only when you need to relocate to a Singapore location, the entrepass will be needed. A workable business plan, an entrepreneurship background and strong business ideas will be the major deciding factors. You will also be required to make necessary start up investments for the business to be up and running.

Some Key Facts

It is necessary to understand these key facts while planning on a Singapore Entrepreneur Visa in India.

Your application for the Entrepass should be accompanied by a business plan which is at least 10 pages long
Four to six weeks would be needed to process the application
Successful applicants will receive Entrepass, usually valid for one or two years
Your spouse and children (under 21) can live with you in Singapore when you have your Entrepass. Separate application for dependent pass will be needed along with your own application.
The Entrepass can be renewed till such time the business is viable. In due course, you can also apply for permanent residency in Singapore.

You can comfortably obtain the Singapore Entrepreneur visa in India, when you have understood the above.

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