All entrepreneurs are pregnant once in life

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Do you know every entrepreneurs need to get pregnant before getting business success? And some remains pregnant for life time.

The journey of a entrepreneur is same as like a lady who gets pregnant and deliver baby after a long time of 9 months. Unfortunately in some cases, it takes more than 9 months and some before 9 months. Now you must be thinking of how a life of a pregnant lady is similar to the life of a entrepreneur, well I have just delivered a healthy baby after a 9th month of pregnancy, so I thought lets everyone know, How we entrepreneur are like a pregnant lady. Here is a quick similarity table of the life of these two lives who changes others life.

a) The time before you think of pregnancy:-

Lady:- Getting pregnant is easy but very difficult, because it calls for a huge commitment and ending your freedom and committing yourself to a new life which will come on this earth.

The lady remains confused what to do what not do? Is my decision is right? What if something happened to my baby during pregnancy period? What if no one supports me during this pregnancy time? What If I deliver a dead baby and what if my baby suffers from some disease or some physical disability, which may ruin his and my life?

But at the end, she takes the stand and decides getting pregnant and committing her life for a goal.

Entrepreneur: – The life and thoughts of a person is same as like a lady who is deciding on getting pregnant. When a person decides to start his own business, he needs to give answer to 1000s of questions, doubts. He thinks what to do what not to do? Should I start my business? I am earning now, starting a business will make me a committed person? What is I don’t able to make it? What If I fail to deliver a good product? What If….?

But, the true Entrepreneurs are those who take strong stand and decide to start his business or get pregnant.

b) The first few months of pregnancy:-

Lady: After taking decision and when the first time lady hear the pregnancy news, she, her husband and everyone is the family become excited and started giving extra care and support to the lady. New cloths, Varity of foods, medicine and all the stuff are purchased so as to make sure she delivers a good and healthy baby and pass these 9 months comfortably.

Entrepreneur: After getting pregnant, means stating the business. The first few months of entrepreneur life is full of excitement, new ideas…just he can’t put his feet on ground. He goes out and shouts about his new business. He brings various items, materials to support his business. Even the family members and family of entrepreneur show huge support in starting days and everyone around him, including him hope for a better days and hope for a good delivery of baby.

c) The last few months of pregnancy:-

Lady: – Now when she has gained huge weight, not able to walk properly, stand properly and even sleep properly. Her and her whole family attention is now on avoiding any mistake which can be harmful to the lady. Extra care is taken; doctor is involved for taking care, more medicines, and more eatables. Sometime the situation become worse and she get admit in hospital, if it turns more worse…people think of abortion.

Mentally she doesn’t feel good and many a time a thought runs in her mind, she made a mistake. Only that lady can survive this phase, who respects her decision, who is committed towards her goal of delivering a baby, who knows what she is doing.

Entrepreneur:-After passing the few initial months, now Entrepreneur see the reality when there is no selling of his products, when he faces financial problems, when his team mates, his family started criticizing him. When everyday a thought comes in his mind about leaving the business. He makes sure that he should not make any mistake, coz even a mistake can kill his business. Many of them go for abortion in this stage and swear not to get pregnant again. Many of them just feel they are stuck to something wrong and they start regretting their decision.

But than there are those, who see this as a part of his job of entrepreneur and face every difficulty with, girt and determination and focus on his goal of deliver baby.

d) The labor pain:-

Lady- It is said, that the last few minutes of delivering baby is worst of all periods of the pregnancy. The lady feels the pain and those who are near to her only feels her cry. She put all pressure to deliver the baby, doctors, medical staff, family members all give their full support in this, but at the end its all depended on the lady. Many unfortunates deliver a dead baby and many lady dies while delivering the baby. She delivers the baby but can’t she him as she (lady) is dead.

Sometime when situation gets worse, medical team calls for surgery and last attempt to save a life and give birth to a new life.

Entrepreneur:-Now after passing all the month of developing and carrying a baby in wombs, it’s the time to deliver the product or service. Many entrepreneurs find it very difficult. He is out of cash, he is not having more support, competition is increasing everyday and he has to deliver the baby. The friends, family everyone supports him, thinking this phase should pass so that he can see good days.

Majority of entrepreneurs are not able to bear the labor pain and they quits, they decided to drop the baby. Most of them die and those who fight and show their full commitment…wins at the end.

e) Baby’s day out:

Lady: After delivering the baby, lady is happy but her joy last only for few days, as now she had to commit herself to the fullest to take care of the baby. She appoints maid to take care of her baby, she appoints doctor for regular check up of the baby. Now she has to come up with new ideas for taking care of the baby and growing him.

Entrepreneur:- For entrepreneurs his business always remains baby. Once he passes the labor pain and deliver good baby, he need to come out with new ideas of growing it. He appoints people, he appoints consultants to take care of business and grow it.

Disclaimer: By writing this, I don’t want to hurt anyones feeling.

Neeraj Tiwari, Founder and MD, and

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