Now you can mass submit your unqiuely designed site/blog to more then 100 css galleries and design inspiration sites where your site will be viewed and voted on this is a nifty tool by MeeCss and I for one , simply love the service since it makes the “getting critique” and traffic part much easier, if your design is cool enough you’ll get tons and tons of viewers on a daily basis!
MeeCSS - CSS Galleries submission helper_1251189444791


Adding your website to the CSS Galleries is a great way to publicize your site, these galleries are a the best”showroom” for the coolest designs.
Getting your site published on them gives you the possibility to increase your brand visibility and to make it visible to a lot of experts users.


The aim of meeCSS is to help you submitting to the more important CSS Galleries on the net, making the submission process faster and easier.
Trough our site you’ll get direct links to the submission pages of our selected galleries.


The submission process is easy and it takes two steps: first you choose the galleries you want to submit, then insert your site’s data and press submit:

  • An insertion helper window containing your data will appear over the submission page. Now you can copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop your information into the appropriate fields. This way your submissions will be easier and faster.

0 Responses to Mass submissions to 100+ CSS Design Galleries and sites made easy!

  1. Thanks going to try this right now!

  2. just realized that it’s all manual – you have to go one by one, there’s no point entering in the info on the main page because you’ll end up having to do it manually anyways. I’m just going to get roboform working first and then go through it and have it fill out the forms for me.

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