What happened to Dosh Dosh? Dead?

On August 8, 2009, in Blogging, News, by entmind

Internet Marketing and Making Money Online Dosh DoshEvery one that’s into making money and blogging knows Dosh Dosh, I used to be a regular reader at their blog but the last 3 months they haven’t posted anything at all, I’ve been wondering for a while if they quit on their blog or something, I tried searching on news on dosh dosh, got nothing..

I hope they aren’t dead, it’d be a shame to let a blog with so much authority die so badly, their latest post was on May 18th 2009, what the hell is that about? It’s been around 3 months, I noticed that when I tried contacting the author for an interview because I’ve been reading doshdosh for a year now I think and it’s been amazing, in my honest opinion its a great blog.

What happened to Dosh Dosh

They are still doing as far as traffic is concerned so it’s not technically dead but the content is dead as far as I can see..

doshdosh.com - Traffic Details from Alexa_1249797243589

3 Responses to What happened to Dosh Dosh? Dead?

  1. Roberto.C says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Dosh Dosh has some of my favourite content and it’s sad to see a site like that slowly die down. Hopefully it’s just a prolonged break and they start writing new content soon. I’ll keep Dosh Dosh in my RSS until someone confirms that they are done.

  2. […] I am not one to wax morbid, I noticed that one blogger speculated that Dosh Dosh was dead. Let’s look at Dosh Dosh/Maki around the web on various social media […]

  3. I wnder what happened out there. Front page of Dosh Dosh has cialis and sex ads. Probably spamvertised. The traffic is still good though

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