Let’s skip all the filler talk and just get to the hard fact: if you’re trying to get rich and make a six-figure income through websites or blogs, then forget about it. The harsh reality is that although there are successful people out there who do make a living off monetizing blogs, the vast majority of people who try to walk this road don’t. Sorry to crush your dreams right from the get-go, but I’ve seen too many people jump into this business with super high aspirations only to crash and burn when they realize the tough road ahead of them. That’s why I recommend beginner webmasters to keep their goals modest – the Internet is a huge place and getting noticed will be difficult, especially if you start off on the wrong foot. I’ve been making websites and blogs for a few years now. It has always been a hobby of mine and only recently have I discovered ways to earn some money from it. Don’t jump into this with making money as your sole reason for blogging, there are easier and far less frustrating ways to make money in life :) Here’s some more positive reasons for blogging:

Accomplishment – It gives you a sense of accomplishment having crafted something of your own creation; and hopefully something helpful and informative that can be shared with your visitors. Interaction – reading comments and getting feedback is a great way of gaining inspiration for future blogs and excellent motivation to keep writing. Fun – this is probably the most important reason. Blogging should be Fun, never forget that. This is something you chose to do with your precious free time, so why should you continue to do it if it feels like work?

The most successful bloggers out there began just like you or me with some little known domain with a trickle of traffic. So how did they rise to where they are today? Well, there’s no real secret, all of them offer the same general advice to building a successful blog:

1. Blog about what you’re passionate about. The worst thing you can probably do is to start a blog because you found out that the topic generates high paying ads. In all likelihood, it’s a topic you have very little knowledge of or experience with. Researching such a topic is feasible but will be very time consuming and take away time from actual blog writing. High paying topics or keywords will almost certainly have high competition, making it all the much harder for you to get noticed. So, trust me, blog about what really interests you and it’ll go a long way in improving the quality of your blogs as well as keeping you motivated. Which brings us to the next point.

2. Finding your own voice. This might seem odd, but many bloggers tend to put on a new persona when starting out a new blog. I know this because I used to do it all the time until I realized that you don’t need to pretend to be super professional, a know-it-all, or overly funny to get people reading. I find that it stiffens the flow of your writing because you’re constantly pretending to be someone you’re not. People subscribe and are more likely to become returning visitors if they discover that you’re truly interested or knowledgeable in a particular topic – and that’s not something you can easily fake.

3. Stay focused on one topic. Branching out into multiple topics is okay for a personal journal, but the best blogs tend to keep to one topic or a few closely related ones. The reason for this is the majority of visitors coming to your website will have a particular topic they wish to find out more about, and the more focused your website is on that topic, the higher the chance they’ll end up on your doorstep. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! work the same way and reward blog more content on a particular keyword with higher rankings on search results. Don’t take this advice as saying you shouldn’t ever write about something random, that’s fine once in awhile but just remember not to alienate your readership too much as they can be very picky.

These pieces of advice can easily be applied to many other aspects of life as they can to blogging. And like in life, you’ll eventually find a style that works for you. I hope this post will be helpful in guiding future bloggers, come visit my homepage for more tips and secrets in the future. And remember, work hard at what you enjoy and success will follow.

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