The Big Myth About Making Money Blogging

On December 30, 2009, in Blogging, by entmind

I believe the biggest hype that people tend to believe that it is impossible to make money from blogs. To be very frank I thought so too when I first started.

Just to clear some thoughts out to you as I had couple of students asking about making money from blog. You have to understand that blogs are not products but is a tool you can use to sell your stuff.

In order for you to really profit from blogs , you seriously got to be very passionate about what you do. From 1st hand experience people will email about stuff you write about. If you can’t answer them you are in deep trouble.

Here are four important tips to write on your blog:

1. Do not be afraid of grammar mistakes. Just write as if you are talking to a friend.

The more personal it is, there will be more readers that will feel what you trying to tell them.

2. Have a thought in your mind what you want your readers to do before you start writing.

Example if I wanted you to view a 1 hour movie on my blog I would just invite you as if I was talking to my close friends.

3. Know your target audience well by asking them questions on what they want. Based on that it’s always good to just give what they want.

There will be a higher chance that they will buy something from you if it solves about 50% of their problems when you give them an offer.

4. Network or do reviews on other blogs and email them to inform that they were featured in your blog.

If the person is a new internet marketer, he will most likely be over delighted you featured about him or her.

If this article has help you in any way feel free to share your thoughts on my blog.

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