Make Money Blogging – is it Possible?

On December 28, 2009, in Blogging, by entmind

This is my first quest when I started blogging about a year ago. Can I really make money by just ramblings about anything? I’ve got so many question circling around my head. Questions like how did AdSense works, is Yahoo part of Google, are those John Chow’s cars? What the hell is blog? How to setup a blog? These are questions that came out from my head when I looked at John Chow’s monthly income report.

This is a question that most of the people wanted to know about. Let’s get back to the question, is it possible to make money blogging? Well, the answers are yes and no, and it is all depend on what your blog is all about. If you want to make big money blogging, you’ve got to be different in all aspects. More specifically:

Blog aspects..

Good SEO Optimized (On & Off Page)

A lot of subscribers

Highly Page Viewed

Huge UV

Content is King

Self aspects..

Patient (HUGE)




These are essential and compulsory things-to-have to attract advertisers to buy your services which include space for advertising, pay per post or link selling. I made myself some money by blogging, you can check them here: September Online Income, the highest so far is: April Online Income

Sometimes, “self aspects” is much more important than SEO. John Chow’s blog is not “SEO’ly” good (though he managed to land on the first page of Google SERP way back ago). He ranked on the 5th page for “make money online” key phrase, but still he managed to get thousands of subscribers (mine is on the 18th which is technically more worse) from his braveness to be different. For those who didn’t know what Chow did, you can always check out his blog.

Being not so good in SERP doesn’t mean that he can’t get a lot of money from blogging. Instead he managed to get approximately 30,000USD monthly for just sitting in front of his computer typing things that he prefer. And this result does not come in a night, he started his blog in December 2005. With simple calculation that is 3 long years time. I mention John Chow a lot in this post, he inspired me and I learned a lot from his blog.

So, if you ask me, is it possible to make money blogging? It depends on how much longer can you wait

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