Make Money Blogging – A Guide

On December 28, 2009, in Blogging, by entmind

Blogging is as popular as ever, and all indications are that blogging will remain a major part of the Internet landscape. But most bloggers do not make much money from their blogs. In this article I will discuss my ideas on how to make money blogging.

First and foremost, in order to make money blogging you must get traffic to your site. This is indeed the hardest step, and familiarty with Internet marketing is essential for success. Unless you have experience with marketing, you will probably need to get some tools on Internet marketing to help you get started. It is likely that there are quite a few marketing tactics you could employ which you are not aware of.

Some quick basic tips for getting more traffic to your blog are a) rewriting your posts and posting them on article directories, b) posting on forums with your blog in your signature, and c) submitting to blog directories and rss feeds.

Once you have managed to get some traffic to your blog, the quickest and perhaps the most easy way to make money from your blog is by using Google Adsense. These ads are very convenient since they will automatically present ads that are most relevant to your page. Do not paste Adsense ads all over the blog as this could have the unintended consequence of lowering your payout for each click. Playing them in two or three noticeable spots is probably optimal.

Along with your Adsense ads, you should definitely join some affiliate marketing programs and put up some ads to some products or services that relate to your blog. You can even review these products and recommend them if you like, but be aware that if you do this, you must provide a disclosure statement on your site stating that you provide affiliate links to products you recommend (see the new FTC rules on affiliate marketing).

Finally, when your blog achieves some popularity, many businesses will pay you to blog about their products. To find such people, visit websites such as

Take your blog seriously and approach it as if you are running a business, since you are. Sometimes it helps to have a step by step guide, which many successful bloggers sell online.

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