How to make money blogging? Hey, many of us over 45 may seem old and on the verge of toppling over from the perspective of the youthful Web 2.0-ers, but some of us do actually know how to earn money on the internet!

In fact, many of us have quite a serious incentive to know what’s going for what in the world of Internet Marketing, for the simple reason that we ARE nearly keeling over, and we NEED to make a fast – and lasting – buck to provide for our upcoming retirement…

To be more precise: we need a consistent, secure, low-maintenance – even automated – source of income that will outlast us in our twilight years.

Well, if you have a couple of years left till retirement and you know how to make money blogging, it’s entirely possible to provide for a comfortable supplemental retirement income, or to even enhance it significantly!

Here are two important methods to consider:

1. Start blogging for AdSense dollars

Start a niche site using one of the blogging programs available, such as WordPress. The advantage of using something like WordPress is that it’s free, you can install it on your domain within minutes, and there are Adsense ready templates available to add ads automatically to your blog.

If you do some research, you will find many, many profitable topics to write about. Try doing product reviews for items that are in great demand. These will always attract lots of advertising for your AdSense income.

If you post and promote your articles regularly for a year or two, you will receive a steadily growing income that will eventually require very little maintenance, and that can sustain you for a long time, while you happily go on your world cruises!

Don’t know how to blog? You will find lots of info on the web to make it quite easy to teach yourself blogging! Before you know it, you will be an expert on how to make money blogging.

2. Start an opt in email list

While a blogging site with AdSense income can provide a really good long term passive income, it is always good to spread your risks, especially when it comes to retirement! One of the best retirement assets you could build up is probably an opt in email list, or a double opt in leads list, as it is also called.

The idea behind this method is that you will have a ready market at your (arthritic!?) fingertips for a long time to come. Once you have a good list of say a couple of thousand leads, you can market affiliate products to them as often as you need to supplement your retirement income.

How does it work? A very effective way to build an opt in email list is to set up a squeeze page on your site. This can be done within a few minutes if you use one of the many available templates specially prepared for this purpose. The squeeze page captures the contact details of your visitors, mostly by offering them some kind of bonus in return.

You also need to set up an autoresponder follow-up system which sends out information and offers at regular intervals – all of this can be fully automated to leave you the freedom of enjoying your walks or books or the visits from the grandchildren!

Now, just settle in and drive traffic to your squeeze page and see your list grow over time!

If you stick it out diligently for a couple of years, you will be surprised at the income stream you have at your disposal for those lazy years ahead! Who knows, once you discover how to make money blogging, retiring may not seem like such an inviting prospect after all…

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One Response to How to Make Money Blogging – 2 Secrets to Help You Through Retirement

  1. Jim says:

    Well I agree that word press is really a good way to get your start. Adsense pays good if you can get some traffic.

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