Ask any internet marketer with a successful home based business and they will tell you that blogging is an integral part of their online marketing strategy. Why? Simple, because this is your space to say what you want and interface with your subscribers. Relationship building is an important factor with online business success.

So why should you start a blog?

There are two very important reasons to maintain your own blog for your home based business. Number one, millions of people visit blogs every day for information or to be entertained. If your blog is entertaining, provides knowledge or in a niche they are interested in, they will continue to come back, building a strong following for your home business.

Blogs are great for search engine rankings. Because the content changes continually it can keep your blog rankings high in Google and Yahoo. And if you are using good SEO tactics placing good keywords for your niche in your posts, that can equate to money in your bank account.

Secondly, blogs should be a strategic part of your marketing strategy. Because you are the owner of your blog you can use the blog for advertising your affiliate programs.

Another way some blog owners make money is by selling advertising spots to others to advertise their products. Advertisers are always looking for places to place their banners, and if you have a high ranking blog with lots of traffic, you’ll find advertisers are willing to pay top dollar to place their banner on your site.

Let’s not forget Google AdSense. This is one of the easiest ways to generate income for your home business blog. By placing ads strategically within in your blog, you can entice visitors to click on the advertising links. Each time someone clicks on a link you get paid.

Another way to generate income is by making a section of your blog a membership site. Let’s say you are offering highly targeted training for your home based business niche, and that training is extremely valuable to your business partners. Then make that section of the blog access by paid subscription only. If you have many loyal followers that are hungry for your content, they will be willing to pay a small fee for to that content.

The opportunity to make money for your home based business niche blog is endless. And the best part is setting up a blog is very low cost or free. I use WordPress for my blogging needs, but there are others like Blogger and TypePad. You will need to decide which one best fits your needs. Your biggest expense is hosting and your time of course to post and review comments.

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