nullEvery social media site out there has it’s own widget and adding every site’s widget that you’re on is just way too much for your blog to handle, if you do add em all it will definitely increase the loading times which pretty much make your site seem worthless. That’s where BloggyBits comes in, they provide a nifty little flash widget that helps you show your updates on the following networks with ease :

  • One custom rss feed

BloggyBits - your social widget_1249556439565

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  1. paula1234 says:

    O wow! I tried this tool of BloggyBits and guess what? The loading time drastically got reduced. Since I m doing lots of internet marketing and blogging and have some of my own websites, I always to a tool that could help me manage the widgets of various other social networking sites that were really important for me. These widgets were installed in order to get updated but they in turn gave me slow loading speed of the page. Then I read the post here and tried this Flash widget of BloggyBits and guys, it helped me BIG TIME! I really appreciate the way Entmind guys are spreading information about the latest products and trendy and useful information!

  2. Divyesh says:

    Well I used it before and I think this is very useful for you and your blog readers but I found the problem is it slow down the loading speed which is also reduce the traffic sometime or may be increase bounce rate as people might exit from entry page.

    And facebook is going to be supported soon.

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